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The Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel is officially being re-launched!

This will be fun.

Those of you that have been around Blogging The Boys for some time might remember our old YouTube Channel that was filled with all sorts of goodies. Analysis, discussion, film reviews, you name it and it had it.

While the Cowboys themselves are making us not so happy these days we’re hoping that this news will help. We’re officially re-launching the BTB YouTube Channel and want you to be a part of the things we’re going to do there.

We’ve got a lot of plans in store for the reincarnated version of the YouTube Channel and you don’t want to miss out on them. The beautiful thing about BTB is that as great as our community site is we’re growing in other ways. On social media, in the world of podcasts, and now in the world of video. We want you to join us on that ride.

Make sure to subscribe to the channel so that you never miss when new videos are uploaded. As mentioned there are a lot of things we’re working on so that we can continue the extension of the place that we all know and love. Let’s have some fun, we could all use a bit these days.

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