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Cowboys News: Scott Linehan, Jason Garrett sticking around for now

Plus, what happened to Connor Williams?

Tennessee Titans v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Scott Linehan will continue to call plays - @HelmanDC

After the latest offensive disappointment from the Cowboys, calls to fire offensive coordinator Scott Linehan have heated up again. According to Jason Garrett, though, that won’t happen anytime soon.

Garrett did lead with the qualifier “right now” which seems somewhat significant. It makes it seems like there could be changes in the near future if things don’t improve.

Jerry Jones Won’t Fire Jason Garrett Midseason Despite Cowboys’ Struggles - Scott Polacek, Bleacher Report

Speaking of Garrett, he finds himself on the receiving end of the same type of ire Linehan is receiving. However, any possibility of Garrett being fired in the middle of the season has been shot down by Jerry Jones.

According to Mike Fisher of 247Sports, Jones said he would not fire head coach Jason Garrett during the season and added “I just gave you a great big no” when pressed for a follow-up.

Jason Garrett isn’t capable of leading the Cowboys out of the abyss. It’s time to fire him. - Geoff Schwartz, SB Nation

With all of the bad things going on in Dallas right now, many are calling for Garrett’s head. Geoff Schwartz breaks down his argument for firing the head coach.

When a team is playing well, playing efficient, and winning games, coaching is “easy”. Everything seems to be clicking and the future is bright. But the true measure of coaching success isn’t when things are going well, but rather when things aren’t going as planned. How do you adjust? How do you handle adversity? Does your team look ready to play? How hard do they play?

I think we have seen Garrett’s answers to these questions in Dallas over the last two seasons. And it’s not good.

Extension coming for Dak, according to Jones - @JC1053

Another Cowboy taking a lot of heat from fans is Dak Prescott, who is coming close to the end of his rookie deal. Jerry Jones gave a very strong vote of confidence in his quarterback on Tuesday.

Connor Williams has a knee injury - @JonMachota

Left guard Connor Williams apparently injured his knee in the Monday night game, and while no official timetable is set yet, it could be serious.

Troy Aikman: Complete overhaul is needed of ‘dysfunctional’ Cowboys organization - Brad Townsend, SportsDay Dallas

Troy Aikman added his name to the list of people harshly criticizing the Cowboys’ current regime, indicating the team needs a complete overhaul.

“I’ve always believed prime-time television, at home, if you’re anything that you believe that you are, you win those games,” he said of the Titans debacle. “And they didn’t look very good.

”As I was watching that game and then it was apparent that they were going to lose, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I really can’t remember or think of a loss that is this bad, at this point of the year.’ There’s no question it was a terrible loss.”

Byron Jones one of NFL’s best corners still - @PFF

In a rare bright spot for the Cowboys at this point, Byron Jones is still one of the NFL’s best in coverage snaps per reception through nine weeks.

Dez Bryant might be going to New Orleans - @TomPelissero

It’s time to check back in on Dez Bryant, who looks to finally be close to joining a new team after working out with the Saints on Tuesday.

Sean Lee will miss more time - @DMN_George

It feels like Sean Lee just came back but the veteran linebacker is dealing with hamstring injuries yet again, and it could keep him out for some time going forward.

Amari Cooper Can’t Solve Cowboys’ Biggest Problem: Jason Garrett - Brent Sobleski, Bleacher Report

The Cowboys made several changes over the bye week to try and fix their biggest issues: trading for Amari Cooper and firing offensive line coach Paul Alexander. However, maybe their biggest issue is one that can only be fixed by Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys have only made the postseason twice in Garrett’s tenure. If he does finish this season and Dallas stays on its current path, the team will have had a .500 or worse record in six of his nine seasons.

Monday’s performance was more of the same. Yes, Cooper provided a spark. The team’s new top target caught five passes for 58 yards and a touchdown. He looked great running routes and creating separation. The latter point alone makes him a massive upgrade over the receivers Dallas fielded through its first seven contests.

But the main problem with the scheme didn’t change with Cooper in the lineup. The Cowboys are too conservative and lack imagination in their passing game, and they didn’t even attempt to hit their de facto first-round pick down the field. Instead, the offense manufactured touches through short routes to get Cooper involved.

Taco Charlton gets dinged up Monday night - @DMN_George

With Randy Gregory missing last week, Taco Charlton got an extensive amount of snaps. Now, Charlton’s status is seemingly up in the air for the Cowboys’ next game, which could leave this defense thin on the defensive line.

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