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Surprisingly confidence isn’t at a season low for Cowboys fans, but it’s close

We haven’t hit bottom yet with our confidence in the Cowboys.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If you ask any Dallas Cowboys fan they’ll tell you that things are as low as they’ve ever been this season as far as morale goes. It certainly does feel that way.

We’ve kept track of “morale” all season long thanks to SB Nation’s handy-dandy FanPulse tool. Each week we poll Cowboys fans (you can be part of the FanPulse survey group too, sign up right here) are asked a series of questions including how confident they are in the team.

Cowboys fans aren’t at rock bottom, in fact they’ve felt lower

While you might have thought that Cowboys fans would generally be extremely down after the Monday night loss to the Tennessee Titans, they’re not at the lowest they’ve been all season.

After the Week 3 loss on the road against the Seattle Seahawks FanPulse recorded Cowboys fans at having 6% confidence in the team. If you thought that would be the season low you’d still be incorrect as it dipped even further two weeks later after the loss against the Houston Texans.

5% is the lowest that the Dallas fanbase has been (the post-Texans week) and maybe it’s the Amari Cooper effect, but as we enter double digit weeks Cowboys fans are sitting on a quarter of confidence at 25%.

As you can see things have generally picked up a tad after wins and initially following the Cooper trade during the bye week, but overall things are extremely low. Confidence hasn’t even been above 50% since before the season began on the road against the Carolina Panthers.

Altogether things might be as bad they have been in quite some time but people are either lying about their feelings or have felt lower even at earlier points in the season. The Cowboys are on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles this week and a loss there could be enough to truly break some new records, some unfortunate ones at that.

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