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Jason Garrett: Dak Prescott needs to recognize game situations with regards to turnovers

Coach updates us on the state of the Cowboys.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a brutal week for the Cowboys after losing to the Titans and injuries piling up. Jason Garrett addressed all things Cowboys with the press on Thursday. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Updates on the injured players?

Geoff Swaim should practice some today, David Irving will not, we are hopeful Randy Gregory will, if Taco Charlton does anything it will be very limited. I don’t have any specifics on his shoulder.

How about the competition at guard?

It’s a good competition but yesterday’s practice wasn’t regular intensity by design since we were coming off a short week. Today’s practice should tell us more.

What did you like about Adam Redmond?

Redmond is versatile, a smart guy, young, he is still in developmental mode. He is serious-minded, he has showed us he can be active on game day.

You lost the time of possession in the last game, how can you fix that?

Have to understand all parts of team have something to do with it. They converted on third down a lot, 11 for 14, we had been pretty good in third down defense before. We also have to extend drives offensively. The number one priority is to score points but next is to extend drives which leads to points. We did okay on that in being 5 for 11 on third down in the game. Possession of the ball helps you win.

This year’s team hasn't been as good on third and 1, why?

The numbers are down, we have had to go for it on fourth down on some of those and convert it. It’s a combination of things. Sometimes we don’t own the line of scrimmage, or we don’t convert a throw.

How has Dak been on third down and how has he handled adversity?

Again, it’s a collective thing, the other night was pretty good, 5 for 11 on third down. It’s a challenging down and distance, we have to be good on first and second down too, make first downs on those downs. It’s more than just the QB.

Dak handles situations well, he’s a natural leader, he has a contagious way about him that people follow, in his leadership role he is constant. You have to be careful of comparing teams, this team is different from his rookie year, he does everything that what we ask him to.

How about his recent turnovers?

In both games the turnovers are about decision making. Dak has been good with the ball in his career, the fumble in the Washington game, it was a long third down and where we were on the field, he has to understand the importance of taking care of football and punt if need be. Similarly the turnover at the 5-yard line in the last game, understand the situation and you don’t need to force it. Same as the one in the second half, it was a long third down, recognize the game situations.

Did you want to draft Dallas Goedert in the spot you took Connor Williams?

I don’t want to get into specifics of draft strategy. We did like him as a player but we felt good about drafting Connor Williams.

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