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Jason Garrett: No truth to Witten rumors; Zack Martin day-by-day with MCL; Lee, Austin might practice this week

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

On a Victory Monday, coach Jason Garrett held a press conference to discuss the Cowboys and the win over the Eagles. (All Garrett quotes are paraphrased and not actual quotes.)

Can you remember a game like Sunday where you dominated yards, time of possession plays, but had so many penalties and turnovers?

I can’t recall a specific game. I can describe yesterday. We did a lot of good things, the frustrating part was the success was not shown on the scoreboard. Because of penalties and turnovers as the principal reason. We’re doing good things but not showing up in scoreboard numbers. Give credit to the team for working through that. Also give the Eagels credit for fighting. Our mental toughness won it for us.

How do you weigh the good and the bad parts of Prescott’s game against each other?

You address things on a play by play basis, not a final grade for the game that will follow you around forever. It’s about what happened during the game, what are the issues, when you make mistakes you have to overcome them. He led the team with that mentality of keep going. It was inspirational but it was performance-based, he made big plays at critical moments. When you play QB you can get gun-shy from mistakes, but he kept ripping it in there.

How do you compare Dak’s “it” factor vs hisfunctionality?

Oh he can function as a quarterback. I can tell you that. Every player has strengths and weaknesses. He’s not different, he’s a young player, third-year starting QB, a lot of Hall of Fame QBs didn’t even play right out of college. He’s going to work hard and try to get better. Line one of leadership is the example you set.

Any truth to the Jason Witten story about approaching him to un-retire?

No truth to that story. None. Zero.

Tight ends in the game?

They did a good job in the game, they made big plays. Blake Jarwin had seven catches, and some were contested catches, physical plays, We had 93 plays, 54 passes, and he was a big part, he helped move the ball. Schultz had three catches, two on that last drive. They are blocking better, Rico is blocking better.

Is Blake Jarwin finally becoming what you thought he would be?

He’s a young player, important for him to get experience. He is building on good things and correcting others, approaches it the right way. He is becoming more and more confident.

Zack Martin’s health?

It’s the same knee and same injury, an MCL. We’ll take it day-by-day, he’s tough, he’s going to do what he can. He’s already getting rehab and treatment.

How have Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper helped each other in the offense?

Amari is new to the team, but has been embraced because of the kind of guy he is, plus his performances. He is getting integrated quickly. The more weapons you have the better. Starts with run and pass. With Zeke defenses have to find him, impacts the coverage, how they run the coverages, how many guys on the line of scrimmage, but it also works the other way. The impact of Amari makes them make different choices, if you double him then others get opportunities in the run and pass game.

What is the issue in the red zone?

Negative plays. On our first one we had a minus-4 run, then it was second and 13, go incomplete then you can’t cash in. They can force you to throw underneath. On the second one we threw an INT. That was a good good opportunity, that play is something we’ll come back to later in the year but we didn’t execute the play the way we wanted. Another one had the holding penalty and we got behind chains, behind schedule. We’re confident we can do it. We did it in overtime.

Amari Cooper doesn’t get frustrated when he’s not getting the ball, stays patient?

He’s serious-minded, he doesn't talk a lot, even on the field but he’s mature, poised and patient. Had experiences from before when he’s benefited form sticking with it and he will get opportunities. His patience is important, don’t get frustrated and do your job, opportunities will come.

Are you okay they changed the route on 75-yard TD?

That’s part of every offense in the NFL, it’s based on how corners are playing, we’ve had that freedom forever. You trust your players, give them freedom. Two good players who know the game and communicate with each other. We empower those guys in that regard. They’re both engaged, they want to win

How much is it receiver versus QB on the Michael Gallup overthrows deep?

Dak would tell you he needs to make those throws. There are always circumstances but he would tell you he needs to make those throws.

The job Su’a-Filo is doing?

He’s done a good job, he’s a veteran, a lot of snaps in NFL. He is strong and sturdy, not perfect but playing the right way. Connor Williams also went in on 30 snaps and played well, responded the right way. Played tough and physical, good blocks in run and pass game against a tough front.

Taco Charlton a healthy scratch?

He’s been dealing with a shoulder so not a lot of snaps in the last game. We want guys to earn opportunities. We’ll see how he practices this week. Each situation is unique, we’ll see how he responds

Is Zeke’s neck okay and he got a lot of touches in the game?

Great player, we want to get him the ball as much as we can. Good job catching the ball for us. Even on the small plays that help us go 10-for-19 on third down, he has a lot to do with that with what he does on first down, on the checkdowns, he did a lot of that in the game. He takes great pride in playing and impacting the game. I don’t think there are any lingering effects from the stinger. He’s a willing guy, sticks his nose in there on blitz pickup, knows who to block, finds the free rusher then willing to make the block.

Anthony Brown’s elevated play?

He is a complete player, as a rookie he played outside, we’ve moved him inside, versatile. He can rush, tackle, play man or zone and then go back outside if needed. He’s done a nice job and is showing up in different ways, including sacks and tackles

Tyrone Crawford?

Really good player, plays so many snaps at different positions. He does leadership by example in everything he does, his contributions are significant on the team.

Will Sean Lee, Tavon Austin or David Irving practice this week?

We anticipate Lee being limited in practice, same with Austin. We’ll see. Irving is possible, have to see where he is with his rehab.

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