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Jason Garrett: Zack Martin won’t practice, Sean Lee and Tavon Austin should practice

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

New Orleans Saints v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

It’s a new football week, with a trip to Indianapolis on the docket. Coach Jason Garrett fills us in on all the preparations at his press conference. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Winning the division is very close?

It’s significant to win the division, it’s the first thing you set out to do. Our approach won’t change, just focus on having a great Wednesday.

Sean Lee, Tavon Austin, David Irving?

We anticipate Lee will practice, we’ll just have to see how he does. Tavon should practice, we don’t anticipate Irving practicing, he will work with the trainers.

Ezekiel Elliott in position to win the rushing title, how hard is that?

Anytime you lead the league in something that is challenging, there are a lot of good players out there. He’s a big part of our offense, a good football player, we want to hand him the ball and pass him the ball. He’s a great route runner, he’s good in pass protection, he’s a complete player.

Michael Gallup’s development?

He gets better and better every week. He learns from experience, he’s done good things, he’s been in situations when it doesn’t go right and he just keeps going.

Growth from the Houston game when he didn’t make some tough catches?

There were some contested plays in that game he didn’t make but he prides himself as a receiver and that he is going to make the tough catch. Couple of times he didn’t in that game but he has emphasized it and has worked on it.

Zack Martin?

He won’t practice today. Day-to-day, been working in rehab and weight room.

How good of a story is Antwaun Woods?

It’s a great story for the team and the organization. Doesn’t matter where you came from, where you were drafted, what matters what you do when you get here. It’s a meritocracy. He’s had an impact in games, got a game ball for the last game. Our guys see what he can bring to the table. We’re not looking at specific physical attributes but what he does on the field. The impact he and Maliek have had inside is disruptive, they show up, knock linemen off their blocks and re-route runners.

Matt Eberflus’ impact on Darius Leonard?

They are just a good defense. Flus is installing his philosophy, sideline-to-sideline linebackers, active in the passing game, they show up on tape.

Amari Cooper wins player of the week, surprised by how well he’s done in a short period of time?

Not really surprised, we got so many good recommendations about him from people at Alabama and Oakland. So much of his tape is impressive. Not easy to do what he’s done. Physically he is a good player with no limitations on the field, can run any route. He’s smart, a football guy. We gave him a lot of stuff to handle early and he never had any problems. High football IQ and loves the game and works hard at it. Doesn’t talk a lot, he just comes to work and pays attention and does his job in practice and games. The guy we’ve seen loves football.

Andrew Luck?

A great player. Easy to see why he’s had success. Big, strong, smart and can throw it anywhere. Has a competitive nature. He makes plays with guys hanging on him, throws it downfield. Great player, I have the utmost respect. He can make all the throws, he can make throws from funny positions with guys all around him.

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