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Cowboys coaches are sending the message that Taco Charlton isn’t getting the job done

The Cowboys first-round pick from 2017, Taco Charlton, is having issues.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There have been murmurings for some time now that things aren’t exactly warm and cozy between the Dallas Cowboys and Taco Charlton.

A few weeks ago a report surfaced that Taco had been benched for an “attitude adjustment” as opposed to being injured. Last week, he was a healthy scratch against the Eagles which corroborated that idea. Jason Garrett touched on the subject a bit on Thursday and a few hours later Rod Marinelli declined to give it much time.

When Garrett spoke he noted that Taco has to “earn” his jersey on gamedays and maybe the problem is simply that he isn’t playing to the level of the rest of the Hot Boyz (ironically named this by Taco himself). That would be troubling if true for the second-year first-round player.

The fact though that the Cowboys seem to be swatting away any mention of Taco is very interesting. Rod Marinelli outwardly saying that he’d “rather” talk about anything else seems to imply that there’s a level of discomfort with the subject and maybe there is. Benching anyone has to be an awkward thing and the Cowboys are benching someone of a pretty high caliber (as far as draft capital is concerned). What is Charlton doing, or rather not doing, that merits not even being an active member on gamedays?

Honestly it’s a pretty great thing that the Cowboys have such a deep well of talent as far as their defensive line is concerned that they can afford to handle Charlton this way. They appear to be sending a message of sorts so all we can is hope that Taco receives it.

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