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Jason Garrett: Red zone problems are a combination of bad things, not just one issue

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s time to move on, the Tampa Bay Bucs are coming on Sunday. Jason Garrett holds his first press conference before the team gathers for practice on Wednesday. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Well-deserved honor for Cowboys Pro Bowlers

Jason Garrett was particularly proud of the five Cowboys named to the Pro Bowl. He did specifically say that it was great to see Byron Jones get the recognition, kudos to him doing so in his first year playing at cornerback.

Byron Jones is just a good football player

Pressed, no pun intended, about Byron Jones, Jason Garrett continued to heap praise on the Pro Bowler. Obviously, Jones has spent time at safety with the Cowboys and Garrett noted that Byron’s athleticism has allowed him to do a lot of things for Dallas. The head coach did note that Kris Richard had an impact on the move but also said the make up of personnel in the secondary allowed Jones to make the transition. He also thought it was nice he made the Pro Bowl without the stats (INTs and PBUs) but when you watch him on tape his play stands out.

Should Jaylon Smith be a Pro Bowler too?

Garrett sidestepped the Pro Bowl issue but noted that Jaylon has been playing very well and that when he makes plays he does it in a physical way that sends a message.

The defensive line has some great depth

Jason Garrett noted that the Cowboys have been banged up along the defensive line but that their depth has been key to surviving there. He applauded the play of Maliek Collins and Antwaun Woods, with Collins overcoming injuries and Woods working his way up from fourth on the depth chart. He also threw some kudos to Caraun Reid and Daniel Ross.

The message is the same

Jason Garrett wasn’t taking any opportunity to add more significance to this week’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He noted it’s the same thing, focus on every week.

Zack Martin will work on the side on Wednesday

Heal up, Zack. Xavier Su’a-Filo is also seeing improvement and participated in the walkthrough but likely won’t practice.

h- Tavon Austin will have similar work to last week

Nothing much changed here.

Cowboys haven’t made any final determinations along the offensive line

Many have wondered as to whether the Cowboys could flip Connor Williams back to left guard with all of the injuries along the offensive line. Garrett said they will have to work through the week of practices and determine the best combination once they know more about the injuries.

The red zone woes?

Garrett again reiterated they look at it play-by-play and series-by-series and haven’t found one over-arching theme to account for the woes. Sometimes it’s minus plays, sometimes it’s penalties, other times it’s execution by the players. He also noted the coaching staff has to evaluate themselves to see if they are putting the players in the best position. He concluded that it’s a variety of issues and they just have to keep working to get better at it.

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