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Jason Garrett: Zack Martin expected to do “a little more” today, could be limited

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

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The latest from Jason Garrett as he holds his Thursday press conference. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Cowboys focusing on good week of practice then translate that to the field

It was noted the Cowboys had a good week of practice last week but failed on Sunday. Coach said the approach doesn’t change, you strive to have good practices but that only gives you a chance at winning. You have to translate that to the field on Sunday.

Cowboys haven’t gotten into red zone work yet this week

Garrett noted that the Cowboys have worked on first and second down so far this week (Wednesday), they will work on third down today and red zone the next day. That is their regular schedule.

On using Dak’s legs more in the red zone

Coach noted that some of the runs by Ezekiel Elliott are zone reads with Dak giving it to the running back. Defenses have been taking the run away from Dak. Tying up that defender helps Zeke, having the threat that Dak may pull the ball and run. Coach noted it’s always been a part of what they do, some games Dak or Zeke get it more depending on the defense.

Amari Cooper is a very likable guy

It’s been a few months now that Amari Cooper has been part of the Cowboys and Jason Garrett talked about how he’s a great joy to be around. He noted that Amari is well-respected by his teammates and coaches. He also talked about Amari playing high school football with Teddy Bridgewater and losing to Devonta Freeman’s team in the finals. The more you know!

Gerald McCoy and Vita Vea are disruptive players

Garrett talked about McCoy being so good for so long in the league, and that they got to know Vita Vea in the draft process. Coach commented on Vea’s size and athleticism and that it’s a rare package. Quickness and agility to go along with power and explosiveness.

The team has to get better on allowing sacks

Garrett stated the obvious that the sacks hurt and they don’t want negative plays, like penalties, minus runs or sacks. The offense has to overcome too much when that occurs. He appeared to head off the criticism that Prescott is the cause of many of the sacks by stating that sometimes when Dak extends there are positive plays made, hinting it’s a trade-off. He said when you have the type of QB we have, using his feet to extend plays can lead to more sacks. Overall, though, they have to keep working on it, but there are some positives Prescott has from extending plays.

The Cowboys offensive line has been shuffling

Change along the offensive line isn’t something the Cowboys have been used to in recent memory, thankfully. When asked if the differences there have led to any sort of confusion or lack of communication or consistency with the group Jason Garrett simply noted that this is all part of the way this type of thing works. Shout out to Marc Colombo for keeping them working.

Zack Martin, Tavon Austin participation level in practice

Coach noted that they hope Martin will “do a little more” today, even hinting he could be limited instead of DNP. Austin will still practice in a limited way.

Tyron Smith’s elbow isn’t the issue with the holding calls

Coach said on many of the holds Tyron has been in great position, but he has such great hand strength that he has to let go of the defender toward the end of the block. He has to have more discipline in releasing the guy he is blocking. Coach noted this is feedback from the league after they have sent in clips of the holds and from the officials during the game.

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