We Need to Sign Frank Gore Next Year! But Not For the Reason You Suspect....

We need to sign Gore. Load him up with carries preseason. Promise him a prime role as backup to Elliott, with a plan to use him every game to reduce Elliott's load.

Then, when the season starts, keep him on the active roster, and give him no more than 2-3 carries/game the whole year!

Why? Because if this dude hangs around long enough, he is going to start catching up to Emmitt, and if he breaks Emmitt's record, it would be a sad sad day. If this journeyman+ can set the all-time record just by hanging around until he's 40, for Cowboys fans it would be a disaster.

Emmitt already doesn't get the credit he deserves. "He just had such a great OLine blocking for him........"

Ha! Go back and actually look at his OLines, he made them, not the other way around............But I don't have time to break that down now. Just remember, Larry Allen came along late in Emmitt's prime.........

And if you don't think there'd be a market for him, as he hits, 36, 37, and on?? Don't underestimate anti-Cowboys bias. Oh, there'd be a team, an owner, a GM, who would keep handing him the ball just to watch him take down the Cowboys' Emmitt Smith. Some losing team for sure. (and his stats weren't bad this year at all.) And the media? They'd have a heyday! It would just prove their fallacy that Emmitt's not the GOAT, and that he just 'compiled yards.'

Can't happen. If it did, it'd be the second saddest day for me as a Cowboys fan, after Roger retiring...........Jerry, time to show your genius as GM.

Sign Gore!

Then sit him!

{No, I'm not being serious........except, I kinda am!}

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.