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Cole Beasley disputed the idea that Dak Prescott hasn’t been productive

While Cowboys fans debate Dak Prescott’s performance, his teammates are in his corner.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are division champions and you’d think that would be enough to have everybody’s Christmas tree looking just a little bit brighter. That just isn’t how things work though.

While the good guys won on Sunday, their performance offensively still looked concerning. That’s a very real point, but as things often have this season. it turned into a discussion about Dak Prescott’s questionable inefficiencies as the team’s starting quarterback.

This is an idea that Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley seemed to take exception with. Cole has never been one to hide his thoughts or feelings and when he was asked about the the notion of Prescott underperforming he went to bat for his quarterback.

It’s because of the offense we run - he’s not going to like throw for like 500 every game. That’s not what we do. We’ve got a great back in Zeke, we’ve got a big strong offensive line for a reason - cause it’s built like that. We’re gonna run the ball and possess the ball and he’s gonna make plays when he has to but we’re not asking him to throw for 400 and 500 yard, 300 hundred yard games. Any time we ask him to go win the game on a two-minute drive, he comes through. That’s what you want. And people don’t really understand how hard it is to do that when you’re not really doing it all game and you’ve got to just turn it on and go do it. That’s so hard to do because this game’s so based on rhythm and he doesn’t really get that. It’s incredible to just play with him and watch him work.

There have been those that have taken Beasley’s words to mean he’s attacking the Cowboys offense. Different players have spoken about it before, but that really isn’t the vibe that his statement had. He’s simply calling it like it is... Dak does what Dak is asked to do. He doesn’t do what he isn’t asked to do.

People interpret things differently and in the spirit of that, this quote has spurred three different responses:

  1. “Cole is speaking truth. Dak is great at managing what he’s asked to do. Awesome to see.”
  2. “Of course Cole would say that. What else is he going to say at this point?”
  3. “Cole is entitled to his own opinion, but I know what I see. Dak is bad.”

This doesn’t really have to be an either/or discussion. There can be times when Prescott is off his game, and other times when he gets his mojo going. It’s really not different from any athlete. We have charted the part about Prescott coming through in clutch time, so that part seems undeniable.

Most teammates will defend each other in public comments, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t being truthful. Dak Prescott has good moments and bad moments. He’s not a Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers, a passing talent that transcends his team, but he has a 31-16 regular-season record as the Cowboys quarterback.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

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