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Jason Garrett: If players are healthy they will play on Sunday

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

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Now that Christmas has passed us by, it’s time to get back to a regular football schedule. That means a Jason Garrett press conference as the team prepares for the New York Giants. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Cowboys are focused on practice for the New York Giants

Jason Garrett wasn’t in the mood for reflections on Wednesday (Tuesday was Christmas!), but he was in his normal programming. He’s focused on practice today and preparing for the Giants.

There will be no tipping of the hand as far as who will play on Sunday

The Cowboys can’t gain or lose anything in New York, it’s effectively a meaningless game. In situations like this NFL teams will rest players on occasion but Garrett isn’t willing to let us know what they’re planning on doing. He did say if players are healthy they will play this week, but made no mention of how long they would play.

Logistically you can’t rest everyone anyways

Jason Garrett noted that logistically you can’t just rest everyone. You have to play players to a certain degree.

Tyrone Crawford is doing well

It was reiterated that Tyrone Crawford has been doing better by Jason Garrett. He noted all scans and the MRI were negative and that Crawford is in the facility although he won’t practice today.

Injury updates

David Irving won’t practice, Tyrone Crawford won’t practice, Zack Martin will work on side, Anthony Brown will work on side but might be limited in practice. Tavon Austin and Tyron Smith will practice.

Cowboys don’t talk about individual statistics

When asked about Ezekiel Elliott winning the rushing title and how much they factor that into him playing, coach was not interested in pursuing that. He said again if players are healthy they will play.

One game

That was Jason Garrett’s response to a question about the difference between going 9-7 and 10-6.

Jason Garrett thinks Eli Manning is a great football player

Sunday could be Eli Manning’s last game ever with the Giants, the battles that Dallas has had against him have made for some interesting and frustrating times. Jason Garrett expressed respect and admiration for who Eli is both on and off the field ahead of the matchup.

The Cowboys are “absolutely” breaking down potential playoff opponents

It’s the overwhelming likelihood that Dallas will host Seattle in the playoffs, but it’s still possible that their opponent could wind up being the Vikings. Jason Garrett discussed how they break down different opponents to be prepared for anything.

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