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Jason Garrett: Ezekiel Elliott is a quarterback’s best friend

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Coach Jason Garrett was back for another press conference on Thursday as preparations for the New York Giants continue. Let’s check in on what coach had to say. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Health updates

David Irving won’t do anything on Thursday, Tyrone Crawford won’t either. Zack Martin might do a little bit more as well as Anthony Brown.

Leighton Vander Esch has handled everything really well

Asked if LVE ever hit a rookie wall of sorts Jason Garrett simply complimented the linebacker. He noted that he gets better every week. One of the big things is not being hesitant but attacking the play, as LVE gets more experience he has done that.

Randy Gregory has also improved with more experience

Obviously Randy Gregory hasn’t had the most conventional beginning to his NFL career but Jason Garrett felt similarly about him. He discussed how Gregory is getting better with each game he plays. Noted his run defense has improved, as well as how often he affects the QB. Coach also discussed how Gregory uses all his moves on the field and experience is helping him get better each week.

Ezekiel Elliott is impacting the game as a receiver

Zeke leads the Cowboys in receptions and Jason Garrett said this is mainly because he is so good as a receiver. Coach talked about when they worked him out before the draft he was already great as a receiver, they even had him run some wide receiver drills. They are tapping into that potential more now. Garrett called him a QB’s best friend.

Cowboys are trying to take David Irving day by day

It’s been a long time since David Irving played football for the Cowboys. Jason Garrett noted that they believe Irving can help their team and that’s why they’ve held on to him as long as they have instead of putting him on injured reserve.

Jason Garrett wouldn’t say if Connor Williams has looked better at right guard than left

We’ve seen rookie offensive lineman Connor Williams play on both sides of the line this season. Asked where he was better Jason Garrett declined to answer, just noted that they like his versatility to play both spots.

Tavon Austin could help the return game

Garrett made a veiled criticism of the special teams return game by saying they haven’t been as productive in that area as they had hoped. Austin was brought in for things like that and can be an explosive element.

Joe Looney is getting better with playing experience even as a veteran

Coach was very complimentary of the Cowboys center, and noted that he takes advantage of opportunities and is getting better with experience, even though he is a veteran and has been in the league a while. He also noted his personality is a great thing to have in the locker room and that he is well-respected by his peers.

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