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It’s been 43 years since Roger Staubach hit Drew Pearson for the Hail Mary

Many Cowboys fans weren’t even alive when this iconic moment happened.

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is one that I think scientists are still trying to understand.

Where does the time go? What time is it even? What day is it? Do people have to go to work? It’s a week full of food, movies, family, and joy and it’s hard to be upset about any of it.

Right smack in the middle of the period where time stands still is December 28th. This is a powerful day as it is the center of time stoppage but it is also a very important day in Dallas Cowboys history. It’s an anniversary and this year celebrates 43 years. Since what? The Hail Mary, of course.

Down by four in the divisional round of the playoffs on the road against the Minnesota Vikings, Roger Staubach hurled one deep and connected with Drew Pearson for a 50-yard touchdown that will live forever. The Hail Mary.

The current Cowboys have a chance to host the Vikings in the playoffs if things shake out a certain way. While last year’s Minnesota squad pulled off their own Hail Mary in the playoffs, let’s hope that Dallas is the one getting the grace this postseason.

For the older Cowboys fans, where were you? How did you watch the Hail Mary go down?

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