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The wild ride that is the 2018 Dallas Cowboys season

The Cowboys 2018 NFL regular season has been anything but normal.

This season has been one wild ride for the Dallas Cowboys when you consider everything they’ve been through. They went from 3-5 to NFC East champs while we all watched in amazement.

Check out the latest game preview from the official Blogging The Boys YouTube channel where we discuss just where the Cowboys have come and gone this season. We’re talking about an almost 16-game stretch where they lost in Houston, traded for Amari Cooper, swept the Eagles and so much more.

Week 17’s game in New York may not hold any meaning as far as playoff implications are concerned, but it’s the tying-of-a-bow on a few months that kept us on edge all the way through.

The playoffs start next week and we’re all hopeful that they’ll contain more than one more game on the season for the Cowboys. Whoever the opponent ends up being we’ll have to wait and see but the fact that the game will exist at all is quite the treat.

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