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Amari Cooper will very likely hit the “over” on receptions, yards, and touchdowns this season in Dallas

The Amari Effect is real, and bigger than most would have predicted.

New Orleans Saints v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

When the Dallas Cowboys traded for Amari Cooper there were many who wondered how the experiment would ultimately work out. Five games in, the Cowboys have won 80% of their games. So far things look good.

While wins are what matters more than anything in football, there’s the statistical side of the game that’s relevant as well. Bovada put out over/unders for how Cooper would fare in receptions, yards, and touchdowns during this season. Let’s re-visit those numbers.

Amari Cooper Over/Unders for Weeks 9 through 17

Receptions: 40.5

Receiving Yards: 517.5

Touchdowns: 3

Obviously things have gone about as well as they can with Cooper in the fold for the Cowboys and we’re all very grateful. What about these over/unders, though? What is it looking like will happen over the next four games?

Assuming he keeps up with his averages over the last five games it’s very likely that Amari will hit the over in every single category. Is that good? Asking for a friend.

Statistic Set Over/Unders Amari Entering Week 14 Amari’s Average Per Game Projected Results Through Week 17
Receptions 40.5 30 6 54
Yards 517.5 424 84.8 763.2
Touchdowns 3 3 0.6 5.4

Cooper’s impact stretches far beyond that of a box score, but it’s definitely impressive that he’s projected to finish so far ahead of what was originally predicted. To be fair, he went wild on Thanksgiving Day and that’s inflated things to a degree, but it still counts.

Amari Cooper, ladies and gentlemen.

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