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Cowboys vs. Giants: Five bold predictions for the regular season finale

Even though the Cowboys game is meaningless, we still endeavor to make predictions.

It feels like just yesterday that we were talking about the Cowboys landing in Oxnard for training camp yet here we are in Week 17. Time sure does fly.

Christmas trees have been put up, resolutions are getting set, and the Cowboys are thankfully looking towards the postseason. Due to the way the landscape of the NFC playoff picture has shaken out, they can’t improve or worsen their position this week. The New York game is officially meaningless.

While there isn’t any meaning with the Cowboys playing the Giants there is still certainly fun to be had. That’s what we’re here for, and fun we shall have. Welcome to BTB’s five bold predictions. Let’s get weird.

Darius Jackson goes for over 120 total yards

The Cowboys will likely rest Ezekiel Elliott for the majority of this game which means that Rod Smith will get some work. It was actually Rod Smith who went off last season in New York, but this year it’s going to be fan favorite Radius that has himself an afternoon.

It was just recently that Dallas called Jackson back up to the 53-man roster. He’s stuck around for long enough. It’s time for him to make some noise.

Rico Gathers will catch a touchdown

If it can’t happen when all of the starters are benched... when can it?

Hopefully your New Year’s resolution is Rico szn coming to life.

Eli Manning will throw three interceptions

Death, taxes, and Eli Manning throwing interceptions.

It would be great for the Cowboys to generate some positive momentum heading into the playoffs. Their defense is already playing at a great level, let’s add some fuel to that fire. The perfect person to turn to when you need a disaster-level fire is Eli Manning, right?

In all seriousness this could be Manning’s last game as the Giants quarterback. He’s a lot of fun to laugh about but he’s made the rivalry great. If this is his last hurrah, cheers to the good times.

Tavon Austin does something flashy

It’s hard to know what to expect from Tavon Austin which makes predicting what he will do all the more difficult. It’s been something like 18 years since we saw him play for the Cowboys, him returning in a meaningless Week 17 game has a Terry Glenn sort of vibe.

I’m not certain what Austin is going to do on Sunday, but there’s going to be a moment where we all raise our eyebrow. There’s going to be some play, some catch, some run where it’s universally understood why the Cowboys want him ready for the playoffs.

The Cowboys won’t call a time out in the second half

There are definitely things that you can gain from meaningless games, things like momentum, and the Cowboys are going to do everything they can to squeeze the good out from this game. But they’re not stupid.

There’s no sense in risking injury or catastrophe in general when you’re playing in the playoffs a week from now. By the time the second half hits reality will have set in and the Cowboys will be ready to get on a plane to head home.

We’re a week away from the real deal coming together for the Cowboys. We’ve got to make it through this game before we get there, and hopefully we have some fun in the process.

What are your bold predictions? What do you see happening?

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