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Cowboys defense had their best first-quarter performance in team history this season

The defense has been remarkable early on in games.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that the Dallas Cowboys have had an incredible defense this season. It’s undeniable.

What you may not have known is just how dominant they’ve been in early on in games, specifically from a points allowed standpoint. When the Cowboys began the second quarter of their game in New York the FOX broadcast pointed out one of the most absurd statistics you’ll ever hear.

The Dallas Cowboys allowed 24 total points to be scored in first quarters this season.

That’s 24 total points in 16 different first quarters. Think about that and think about it long and hard. The Cowboys allow on average 1.5 points to be scored in the first quarter of games that they play. That’s unreal.

While this is mostly a defensive statistic, it’s worth acknowledging that it can only be true partly because the Cowboys offense sometimes puts together long drives that consume time in the first quarter. Overall, it’s an unbelievable mark and it’s good for the best in team history.

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