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Cowboys playoff picture: Dallas will officially host the Seattle Seahawks in Wild Card Round

The Seahawks will be coming to Dallas for a playoff game.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve known for a week now that the Cowboys will be playing in the playoffs as the NFC’s fourth seed. Such is the right of a division champion.

Dallas will host a playoff game, likely on Saturday, January 5th, and we now know who that game will be against. Almost 12 years to the day after their last loss in the Wild Card Round, the Dallas Cowboys will host the team that beat them on that fateful night... the Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle had a close win against Arizona on Sunday, but as it turns out the result had nothing to do with their playoffs. The first domino to drop on Sunday was Minnesota losing to the Chicago Bears. Had the Vikings won they would have been in the playoffs, but Kirk Cousins and Co. couldn’t score more than 10 points and as a result will miss out on January.

If the Cowboys and Seahawks do indeed end up squaring off on Saturday night then the game will be played on NBC, the very same details that surrounded the last playoff meeting between these two teams. Dallas and Seattle did play an effective playoff game in back in Week 16 of 2017, it was a win or go home situation for both teams, and Dallas lost. Dallas also lost to Seattle earlier this season, but this will be the first time that America’s Team has Amari Cooper to take on what has been a thorn in their side.

Seattle will be the NFC’s top wildcard team and thanks to the way that Sunday shook out, the last team in the playoffs will actually be the Philadelphia Eagles. They’ll head to Chicago where they’ll find one of the best defenses in the NFL. Things could get really wild if both NFC East teams advance to the divisional round.

Cowboys and Seahawks. You ready?

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