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Cowboys have their best odds of the season to win Super Bowl LIII

Maybe too early to talk Super Bowl, but we’re not scared so we’re talking Super Bowl.

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If you’re reading this after having woken up from a month-long nap things are likely very confusing.

The Dallas Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East, winners of four straight, and they flexed their defensive muscle over the New Orleans Saints last week. Things have never been better (seemingly) as the team is playing with an energy we didn’t see over the season’s first eight games.

As the Cowboys are soaring so are their expectations. This Sunday’s contest against the Philadelphia Eagles will go a long way at fully determining who they are at season’s end, but that’s not stopping anybody from believing in the here and now. In fact according to Bovada the Cowboys are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Dallas has been given their best odds of the season to win the game of all games.

Odds to win Super Bowl LIII

Los Angeles Rams: 3/1

New Orleans Saints: 10/3

Kansas City Chiefs: 11/2

New England Patriots: 11/2

Los Angeles Chargers: 11/1

Houston Texans: 16/1

Pittsburgh Steelers: 16/1

Chicago Bears: 18/1

Dallas Cowboys: 25/1

Prior to their current odds, the best odds Dallas had to win the Super Bowl this season was 33/1 (they achieved this on three separate occasions including a week ago). In order to win the Super Bowl though they’d have to get to the Super Bowl and they’ve been given the (you likely figured this out up there) fourth-best odds to win the NFC.

Odds to win NFC:

Los Angeles Rams: 7/5

New Orleans Saints: 31/20

Chicago Bears: 10/1

Dallas Cowboys: 13/1

It goes without saying that the Cowboys would have likely won their division if they’re playing in the title game and Super Bowl, to no surprise they are currently the favorites to win the division.

Odds to win NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys: 3/10

Philadelphia Eagles: 3/1

Washington Redskins: 12/1

New York Giants: 200/1

Oddsmakers are starting to buy into the Cowboys which is at the very least nice to see. As mentioned, so much of who the Cowboys are in a month’s time will be drastically influenced by their game this Sunday against Philadelphia as the Eagles are trying to defy some odds, too.

If you thought the Cowboys had never looked better the people in the desert seem to agree with you. Their belief is higher than ever and let’s hope come a few days from now it’s totally and completely justified.

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