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Jason Garrett: The sacks issue is a combination of factors

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

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We’re in the middle of Eagles week and we need another update on how things are going. Fortunately, Jason Garrett held a press conference today and here’s what he said. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

How do you try to fix the issues with sacks?

Coach noted you have to evaluate each play and see who was responsible but many times it’s a combination of things. He went on to say you look for trends and then you have to address that. When pressed to say if he has seen any trends, he said the big trend was a combination of factors.

Cole Beasley will practice, at least in a limited fashion, on Thursday and Tyron Smith will look to do more

Jason Garrett said that Cole Beasley looked good in practice on Wednesday and that he’ll definitely get work in on Thursday. The hope is that Tyron Smith can do more today than he did yesterday.

A combination of factors make the Cowboys good in the screen game

We all know when the Cowboys are going to run screen plays, but the reality is they execute them quite well. Jason Garrett noted that having great schemes and calling them at the right time is important. Also, the quarterback and running back deception is key, then the athleticism of the o-line out in space to make blocks and work in coordination with the back is another element that needs to happen.

Darren Sproles is a very dangerous space player

One of the bigger (although he’s smaller) threats on the Eagles is running back Darren Sproles. Jason Garrett has a clear admiration for him as he’s been a great player and he’s conscious of the thing that he’s able to do on a field at any given moment. Even though he is small, coach noted his thick and has a very strong lower body that helps to make him dangerous.

Bulletin board material can be used in different ways

There is already some smack talk coming from the Eagles, but Jason Garrett pays no attention to it. He danced around giving the idea any merit and noted that the Cowboys are focused on what happens in their building.

Sean Lee will work on the side more than in practice on Thursday

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