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Jason Garrett says Tyron Smith decision will go right up to game time again

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The final press conference from Jason Garrett before the Cowboys face the Eagles was today. Let’s check in on what coach had to say. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes)

Talk about your defense as the only team to hold opponents to less than 30 points a game.

Ultimately, that is how they are measured, by points allowed. That is the number one stat. They have played consistent but I believe that is a team stat. We’re doing a good job on offense by not turning it over and creating short fields and we’re holding the ball. We’re doing a good job on defense stopping the run and limiting big plays. That will be critical this week.

Tyron Smith’s health?

He had a good day yesterday and anticipate he will practice today. He has also been dealing with an elbow issue for about a month. There is never a clear answer with a stinger, but he is feeling good and moving around well, but we’ll take it right up to the game.

Connor Williams getting work at tackle?

He’s been working at a few spots and doing a good job, he is embracing the opportunity.

Has there been a bigger dropoff than expected with Zeke to Rod Smith?

Rod is doing a good job, you have to look at each play specifically, he has handled it well.

Any chance Sean Lee practices?

He’s been working on the side, we are hopeful to ramp up his activity but if he practices it would be very limited.

How much has been a help to LVE and Jaylon Smith?

Lee is off the charts helping LVE and Jaylon. His leadership is the biggest thing. He is so invested in this, he loves the game, so committed to make himself the best he can be and help others get there. He’s had to deal with injuries but he has the mental toughness to help the team, he is right there with them. Ben Bloom has done a good job, too.

Is Taco 100%?

He is competing for his spot and for getting reps. He’s done a good job.

How has Randy Gregory’s play been?

He’s getting better and better, getting more comfortable and has been productive. He’s been around the QB with sacks and he caused the fumble the other day. He missed a lot of football so it takes time to get back. He just needs to play, he’s still a young player but he comes to work everyday. He recovered from injury and is working hard.

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