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Report: If parted from Denver, Emmanuel Sanders prefers to play for the Cowboys

Emmanuel Sanders reportedly wants to come home.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason brings with it many reports, rumors, discussions, and potentials. One of the latest has landed and it involves our beloved Dallas Cowboys.

Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders has been production for them, in fact he helped them win Super bowl 50 two years ago. It seems though that the Broncos might be willing to move on from Sanders and his almost $11M cap hit in 2018.

According to Cowboys Cast’s Bobby Belt, if Emmanuel Sanders is somehow freed from the Broncos then he’s already got his sights set on where he could end up, the Dallas Cowboys.

First things first it needs to be noted that the NFL could have an eye on Sanders thanks to a sexual assault accusation from January of last year. It’s never easy to predict how the league handles things.

Sanders, an eight year pro, just finished his fourth season in Denver. He crossed 1,000 yards in each of the first three, but injuries and an awful quarterback situation wrecked 2017 for everyone in the blue and orange.

The idea that Sanders would want to play for the Cowboys makes sense in theory. He’s from Bellville, TX and played collegiately at SMU with Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley.

If you have a lot of stock in Twitter “likes”, then you’re likely to believe the Sanders-to-Dallas possibility to an even stronger degree. Back on January 23rd, Sanders “liked” a tweet where someone was speculating about him ending up in Dallas.

As mentioned Sanders is quite the pricy wide receiver in the NFL these days, which will discourage a lot of people (and potentially the Cowboys) from trading for him. Denver showing that they’re “open to trading him” though is the first domino that typically falls before a franchise ends up outright releasing a player.

It’s possible that Emmanuel Sanders is playing in Dallas next season, but it’s just as possible that he’s playing somewhere else. If he is indeed a Cowboy, how excited does that make you?

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