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Kendall Fuller says Cole Beasley is the toughest receiver to cover that he’s faced

Chalk another one up for the sauce.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Almost two weeks ago during the lead-up to Super Bowl LII, the NFL saw a big trade announced.

These things are like solar eclipses. They’re rare, and even if they do happen, they certainly don’t take place the in the season’s final week.

Alex Smith will be the new Washington Redskins quarterback, Kendall Fuller will be the newest Kansas City Chiefs cornerback, and a few other things were moved around as well.

Fuller’s life, understandably, has been a little bit on the go since then, what with getting ready to move and play for a new team in just his third season since being drafted out of Virginia Tech in 2016. He joined ESPN’s Adam Schefter on the latest “Know Them From Adam” podcast to discuss it all.

Among all the things they discussed was the competition Fuller has faced over his first two seasons in the NFL. Schefter asked him which receiver was the toughest cover that he’s faced so far. Fuller’s answer will make Cowboys fans happy.

“This will be a surprise to a lot of people, but I think... Cole Beasley was tough for me. I think all the way up until my last game, I think it’s just so much how Dallas used him, you know being in the slot. How much space he was able to have, and stuff like that.”

Kendall has only ever played the Cowboys in the Dak Prescott era, he didn’t play during their first meeting in 2016, and he’s lost every single time (this is what we call an “awesome stat” by the way). In those three games Cole Beasley hasn’t exactly lit up the stat sheet:

  • Thanksgiving Day, 2016 - 5 catches for 56 yards
  • At Washington, 2017 - 2 catches for 8 yards
  • Washington, 2017 (TNF) - 2 catches for 14 yards

As is often the case, this isn’t necessarily a discussion about quantity, but quality. Beasley worked Kendall Fuller throughout these contests, he just didn’t have big days in a fantasy sense.

As Fuller is now a member of the Chiefs and considering that the Cowboys just played the AFC West, he’ll dodge Cole Beasley until at least 2021, barring either of them changing teams again or Kansas City and Dallas meeting in the Super Bowl.

Whenever they do meet again, rest assured that Kendall Fuller will be nervous.

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