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Kavon Frazier should be in consideration for the next open Cowboys captain spot

We might have a new leader in the secondary on our hands.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a lot going on this weekend in the world outside of the Dallas Cowboys (yes it exists).

It’s NBA All-Star Weekend out in Los Angeles, and speaking of Hollywood, one of the newest blockbusters is officially out in Black Panther (no spoilers please).

This is a Marvel superhero movie for those unaware, the kind that always do well with young kids. This is something that everybody knows, and something someone finally decided to act upon. Cowboys safety Kavon Frazier took over 600 kids to see it.

Kavon Frazier is an incredible human being, and he just might be one hell of a safety as well. This is a combination that, on NFL teams, usually equals one certain thing, being selected as a team captain.

The NFL only allows for six captains on teams (unless you’re the Patriots) and last year the Cowboys had a group that’s hard to contend with: Dak Prescott, Jason Witten, Sean Lee, Tyrone Crawford, Orlando Scandrick, and Dan Bailey.

Given those names it’s unlikely we see what we did last season where somebody actually lost the iconic “C” from their jersey (Travis Frederick was a captain in 2016 but not 2017). Considering that Orlando Scandrick might not be on this team though, that could be the spot that Kavon Frazier takes.

Many people have clamored for Dez Bryant to be a team captain for so long, but considering Stephen Jones talked about his passion being a distraction that seems unlikely. Perhaps it could go back to Byron Jones as a few have suggested, but if his option isn’t picked up that would be awfully awkward.

The captainship could go back to Fredbeard, or the Cowboys could keep it in the secondary and give it to Kavon. We’re talking about someone who has begun excelling on the field, and someone who is one of the best ambassadors for the team off of it. That’s a captain if there ever was one (not that this isn’t applicable to Travis as well, he was the WPMOY nominee after all).

Whether or not he’s deemed a captain isn’t what’s truly important, obviously. It’s great to see Kavon Frazier using his platform for so much good on such a frequent basis. He’s one of those players who you’re proud to see wear the Star.

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