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BTB top 50 draft board: Which Cowboys targets are rising and falling?

Your updated draft board is here...

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A little over a week ago, we kicked off our official BTB draft board project where we, as a community, are attempting to put together a mini-board ranking the top 50 players in the upcoming draft. The goal is to try to identify the three players the Cowboys will select during the first two days of the the draft. So, it has become our quest to attempt to map out how the Cowboys stack their top players.

Here is an updated version of the top 50 BTB draft board:

First Round

The blue column contains the 14 players who are projected to have first-round grades. It is our hope that one of these players fall to the Cowboys at pick 19. There are a few changes to this group from last time. Based on the remarks in the comment section of the last article, a couple players have moved into this first-round group.

Jim Lee Howell’s coaching tree had this to say to help the Virginia Tech linebacker move up to the 10 spot:

Tremaine Edmunds is ranked too low (23 recs)

He’s a 6’5” 250lb off ball LB, that has both coverage and pass rush skills, great instincts, and athleticism. If he’s available, you take him. Our FO has done a good job at getting players ranked higher than they’re picked, so I think it’s possible to get one of those later ones in the 3rd. A guy like Tim Settle, maybe. Ideally, I want to win the trenches and increase toughness, so going LB, OG, and DT with the first 3 picks (not necessarily in that order) would be great.

TheBoysRBack provided some strong support for Alabama’s star defensive tackle, who now is positioned at 11.

Da’Ron Payne is one to look out for with our first pick (23 recs)

Some rank him ahead of Hurst and he’s a better need pick given we feel better about our 3-tech position than 1-tech right now. He’s actually an ideal 1-tech for our defense, in that he beats the guy in front of him consistently and can penetrate as a one gap guy and stop the run. He’s not going to get home on the pass rush that often, but we don’t ask our 1-tech to do that.

He’s one of the highest floor guys in the draft. Plug him in day one and you don’t have to worry about one of your 11 starters on defense for 5 years. It’s the perfect kind of pick at #19. There just won’t be a high impact S, WR or CB available then. There will be plenty of G they like in round 2 that can start right away. It just seems the stars are aligning to pick a DT at #19 and I don’t think VV will be there, leaving Payne as my favorite pick right now.

I’ll be super excited for...Derwin James

I’ll be holding my breathe for...Vita Vea

I won’t be complaining if we get...Da’Ron Payne

Second Round

There are seven offensive linemen who have second-round grades (silver). If the Cowboys were torn between an offensive linemen and a player at some other position when they are on the the clock in the first round, it would be smart to take the other position. Similar to last year when the draft was rich in corners, the team could address OL on Day 2.

Most fans will be hoping to hear their pet cat wide receiver’s name called here.

I’ll be super excited for...James Daniel

I’ll be holding my breathe for...Will Hernandez

I won’t be complaining if we get...Leighton Vander Esch

Third Round

Thanks to compensatory picks, the Cowboys will have three picks in the fourth round of the draft. It’s possible they could use some of that draft capital to move up on Day 2 to grab a player with a second-round grade. Someone they really like may start to slide to where he would be a great pickup at that point. But which player will that be?

Is this where the Cowboys go after a wide receiver?

thedickjones says:

No way DJ Moore isn’t a Top 50 player (8 recs)

If this big board is accurate, I’d die of excitement if we traded back into the 2nd with one our 4ths to grab him at the end of round 2. To me, DJ Moore is MUCH better than Christian Kirk, and of similar style.

Fair enough. He’s on the list now. There are a lot of good wide receivers grouped in this same area.

And FinChase asks:

Where is Mike Hughes?

At a minimum he should be second round, and I expect him to go in the first.

Many people share that same opinion. His playmaking ability as a returner has increased his popularity, but his lack of size, limited experience, and raw corner skills has him down on the list. But another reason for pause with Hughes is a fraternity fight he was involved in that got him kicked out of North Carolina. Ignoring red flags have bitten the Cowboys in the past, so unless he gets a pre-draft invite, I would be hard-pressed to put him on this board. For those high on Hughes, make sure to keep giving him support in the comments.

I’ll be super excited for...anyone left with a second-round grade

I’ll be holding my breathe for...anyone left on this list

This would be a perfect round to get...a wide receiver

Okay, now it’s on to you for some feedback. Let us know who needs to be moved up or who needs to be ranked lower. Also, if one of your favorites is missing from this list, throw him out there and let’s see if he can get enough recs to make the cut.

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