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This graph shows the exact moment the 2017 Cowboys season broke

It’s even harder to look at than you think.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A lot went wrong in 2017 for the Dallas Cowboys. A lot.

We could spend all day coming up with things to add to the list, but frankly that wouldn’t be even a little bit enjoyable.

One of the more telling statistics about any given team when a season is in the rearview mirror is point differential. Dallas was +22 in 2017, down from their stellar +115 in 2016, and coincidentally the last time they were +22 was Jason Garrett’s first season in 2011.

It’s interesting when you look a bit more into this, though, and that’s exactly what the fine folks over at the NFL subreddit did. They charted every team’s point differential per game. The Cowboys chart will give you a sad face.

Reminder here, this graph is the team’s overall point differential at that specific point in time, that’s why it fluctuates so dramatically. As the handsome man there tweeted, you can see exactly when the three-game skid for the Cowboys began and the 2017 season went with it.

The sharp jump between Weeks 5 and 6 are courtesy of when the Cowboys were +30 in San Francisco. They were on a bit of a ride at that point, life was good, and then Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension was finally enforced and the rug came out.

You can also see the somewhat heroic effort the Cowboys made after they hit rock bottom. Unfortunately, as we all know, it wasn’t enough and Dallas missed the playoffs.

Information is always interesting when it comes to the NFL, and looking at it in different ways can certainly be beneficial. While this tells us what we already know, at least it did so in an interesting way. Right? Anyone? Bueller?

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