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Source: Cowboys reaching out to David Irving’s representatives

Could the Cowboys just be posturing, while actually trying to sign a long-term deal with David Irving?

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Maybe we shouldn’t make too much out of a recent tweet from Mike Fisher. After all, teams talk to representatives for players all the time, and many times the talks don’t get very far. But with the recent David Irving buzz running around Cowboys Nation, this is encouraging for fans of keeping the talented defensive lineman in Dallas.

Our own Tom Ryle opined about how the Cowboys really needed to keep David Irving this morning. This all comes about after Stephen Jones hinted that signing Irving to a long-term deal might be difficult.

All of that followed rumors from a couple of weeks ago that the Cowboys might be willing to part with their restricted free agent if they could get a second-round pick for him.

Circling back to Fisher’s tweet, if the Cowboys are interested in talking to Irving’s reps, it may just be a case of getting a feel for what it might take to hammer out something long-term. They may just be trying to get a marker as to what it might take, or they might be doing due-diligence for what tender they want to place on him. You can never have enough information.

Whatever the case, the idea that the Cowboys are engaging Irving’s reps has to be taken as a positive sign.

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