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Dez speaks, and Cowboys nation listens

The wide receiver took his turn to discuss his future.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

For the Dallas Cowboys, one of the hottest topics of the offseason has been what to do about wide receiver Dez Bryant. With an expected cap hit of $16.5 million this year and declining stats with a questionable performance last season, there is a full range of possible steps that have been suggested for his future. They include leaving his contract alone, restructuring it for more cap space without affecting the cash paid out to him, getting him to agree to a pay cut, and trading or releasing him outright.

In recent days, some signals have come from team executive vice president Stephen Jones, who is the primary figure in figuring out contracts and cap space for the Cowboys. They certainly have not been a hearty endorsement of Bryant. This, of course, has been widely dissected at all levels of the media. National shows, local radio and television, newspapers, the mothership, and of course blogs like this one have all tried to figure out what the team is planning, with no clarity whatsoever. That may be the intention of Jones’ statements. However, it has opened up doubts even for many who previously saw no real chance of the team parting ways with 88.

Whatever it really means, it has all been clearly visible and audible to Bryant himself. And it was eating at him.

On Friday, he decided to go on record about the situation. He joined the Ben and Skin Show on 105.3 The Fan and spoke about the contract situation, his performance last year, and what he plans for the future.

For many, it was, well, awesome. Including one of the show’s co-hosts.

And while Rogers obviously has a vested interest, he was not alone.

Some of the quotes from the interview were honest and pragmatic, while others were absolute fire. (The language is not exactly family-friendly in some, either.)

Bryant is an emotional and intense player. He certainly did not have the season he wanted in 2017 - nor did the entire Cowboys organization. But based on this interview, he is dedicated to getting it right in 2018. That will require the management of the team to get his contract situation right. There are going to be questions about how much he can still contribute to the team until he proves himself on the field, but you do see where this last take comes from.

So how has this affected your opinion of Dez? Let us know in the comments. But, um, keep it cleaner than he did, please.

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