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It’s really hard to believe the Cowboys would actually be interested in Kirk Cousins

No way the Cowboys have any interest in Kirk Cousins.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL offseason can be a lot of fun if you let it be.

It’s not the NBA trade deadline or NBA free agency, but if you go into it with the right expectations, things can be the appropriate level of fun.

Part of the tradition and grandeur of what makes the offseason fun is the speculation and amount of rumors that circulate around certain players and/or teams. That being said, as fun as some rumors can be, there are some that are flat out ridiculous, like this one.

But what if all the talk about Cousins gets other teams intrigued about the possibility of upgrading their current quarterback situation? Consider, for example, the Cowboys. Specifically, the guy who owns the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones knows the value of a franchise quarterback. He was smitten four years ago with Johnny Manziel. He got lucky two years ago with Dak Prescott. He could now get intrigued by Cousins.

PFT isn’t reporting anything as much as they are simply speculating, but are they really seriously suggesting that Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys would be interested in Kirk Cousins as an option at quarterback?

You might think that Kirk is a better quarterback than Dak Prescott, that’s an opinion that could be debated and shouldn’t be laughed at by any means, but to suggest that Jerry and Co. would actually go acquire Cousins is absurd.

For starters, Dak Prescott is the franchise quarterback of the Cowboys. That was settled about a year and a half ago when he took the job from the previous franchise quarterback in Tony Romo. The Dallas Cowboys literally chose Dak Prescott over Tony Romo, what on earth would suggest that they’d now choose Cousins over Dak?

Secondly, Cousins is expected to fetch a filthy amount of money in free agency. There are numerous suitors lining up in the New York Jets, Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings... and the Jets are reportedly considering guaranteeing his entire contract. PFT reported that themselves, yet they believe the Cowboys could be willing to match and/or exceed that? In preference of Dak Prescott on his rookie contract?!

There are numerous reasons why Kirk Cousins to Dallas doesn’t make common or financial sense, but these two are enough for the purposes of this conversation. There’s absolutely no way this holds legitimate ground, but it is the offseason so I suppose it was just a wee bit of fun.


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