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Cowboys news: Dallas has ‘the best bargain in football by far’; more draft news

The latest Cowboys links for your Monday morning.

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NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys have the best bargain in football by far, for now - Mike Florio, PFT

The quarterback position is valued very highly in the National Football League — and for good reason. The 49ers gave Jimmy Garoppolo a big pay day and Kirk Cousins is set for one soon. Even Blake Bortles just received a contract extension from the Jaguars. For that reason, Florio writes that the Cowboys have the “best bargain in football”, he adds “for now”.

I missed Prescott and his paltry $680,000 annual average in part because he was buried so far down the list that I quit scrolling before I got to his name. Specifically, with Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson at No. 29, the Cowboys quarterback appeared after . . . .

Drew Stanton, Colt McCoy, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Cassel, Paxton Lynch, Derek Anderson, Landry Jones, Brandon Weeden, Matt Barkley, Ryan Mallett, Mark Sanchez, Case Keenum, Ryan Griffin, . . . .

Some of those guys didn’t make it to the 53-man roster and ultimately weren’t employed last year. But the point is this: Prescott is woefully underpaid, at $680,000 per year. The Cowboys can’t sign him to a new deal until after 2018, and they can wait (if they want) until after 2019 to finally give him an extension.

Eventually, when the Cowboys have to decide on a second contract for Prescott, Jones would be justified to look around a little before making a major commitment to Prescott. For now, it makes plenty of sense to ride with the only 2018 starter who will be making less than $1 million.

Dez Bryant confident he and Dak Prescott can fix Cowboys’ passing game - Jon Machota, SportsDay

Dez Bryant is confident that he and Dak will bounce back in 2018.

”I want people to know that me and Dak, we are 100 percent fine,” Bryant said on 105.3 The Fan’s Ben and Skin Show [KRLD-FM]. “Everything is not going to be perfect. Life is not perfect. It’s up to us and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to make this situation right.

”Our respect for one another is amazing. Me and this guy are real friends. I care about this dude and I know he cares about me. We going to keep pushing, we’re going to keep it moving. Like I’ve said before, when it clicks, it’s going to click.

”He’s coming into his third year, I’m going into my ninth year. I guarantee you he’s got a big chip on his shoulder just like I do. He wants to win just as much as I want to win. He wants to get this right just as much as I want to get this right. It’s a process. You got to let it build.”

Orlovsky: Why Kellen Moore is perfect QB coach for Cowboys’ Dak Prescott - Dan Orlovsky, The Athletic

If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to The Athletic, DFW. In addition to reading Bob Sturm’s, Jeff Cavanaugh’s, and Dan Orlovsky’s (to name a few) work, you also get access to the rest of The Athletic’s site, as well.

Orlovsky writes on why Kellen Moore is the “perfect QB coach” for Dak Prescott, giving us insight on how Moore is like in the film room, in meetings, and more.

In meetings, we would go over drills, and Moore would be infatuated with the ones based upon efficiency and routine. He wanted to know all the details of the drill and why, then add his opinion on how to make it better. He was able to see the drill’s impact on a QB instantly. Moore saw it as part of a puzzle, and every piece has its place.

A lot of coaches run drills they’ve seen someone else do, or because they learned the drill at a clinic, and that’s fine. But they can’t get their players to understand why they’re doing the drill and how it is going to make them better. Moore has the unique quality to be able to do that, and not only just for the drill, but in games as well.

Prescott will never do a drill “just because” under Moore. Every drill he does will have a specific goal. There will be no wasted time or effort. It’s not who Kellen Moore is.

The best-case scenario for Cowboys in Round 2 of the 2018 NFL draft - Dane Brugler, SportsDay

Dane Brugler answers questions concerning the 2018 NFL Draft in his latest mailbag, such as what the best-case scenario for the Cowboys in the second-round would be.

Q: What would be a best-case scenario for the Cowboys’ SECOND-round pick?

Brugler: For hypothetical’s sake, let’s say the Cowboys address the LG need in free agency. And in the first round, they nab Vita Vea. The best-case scenario in the second would be Maryland’s D.J. Moore. He is the No. 2 WR on my board and although short, he’s not small, playing with the route speed and toughness that is reminiscent of Steve Smith.

Dane Brugler’s draft mailbag: How Cowboys’ 2018 compensatory picks could change their draft strategy - Dane Brugler, SportsDay

In a separate mailbag, Brugler discusses the Cowboys’ draft strategy for the upcoming draft.

How does getting awarded these compensatory picks in later rounds change any strategy the Cowboys would have in the early rounds?

Brugler: The Cowboys knew they were coming, which is one of the reasons they felt comfortable trading a 2018 fifth rounder last year to get back into the sixth round for Xavier Woods.

I don’t think the comp picks should change much in terms of strategy in the first three rounds - the goal there is to get the best three players for this team. But having the extra ammo on day three could help Dallas if they want to move up in the draft. And not just the first round.

If the Cowboys have their eye on a specific wide receiver or linebacker and he is still around at pick No. 45, they can use some of that extra ammo to move up five spots and guarantee they get him.

Four draft sleepers who are ideal candidates for the Cowboys compensatory picks - DannyPhantom, BTB

The Cowboys received four compensatory picks for the upcoming draft — one fourth, two fifths, and a sixth. Danny has some prospects the Cowboys should consider with those new selections.

Comp Pick#1 (4th Rd, 137th overall)

LB Jack Cichy, Wisconsin Badgers

In last year’s draft, many fans were pounding the table that the Cowboys would select a linebacker from Wisconsin (T.J. Watt). This year, they may get their wish. Of course it might not excite fans very much to take a player who has missed the last 24 games of his college career. After tearing a pectoral muscle in 2016 and then his ACL last year, the Badger linebacker has been watching the game from the sidelines for over a year and a half. This may sound like a terrible use of draft resources, especially since the last seriously injured linebacker they drafted hasn’t paid dividends yet, but there’s a huge difference in taking a big risk at 34 overall versus late in the fourth round. With Cichy’s medical concerns, he’s going to be sitting on the board awhile.

Here comes the Payne: What a former lineman thinks of the Alabama defender coming to play for the Cowboys - SportsDay

Daron Payne from the Alabama Crimson Tide is a name to watch for the Cowboys’ first-round selection. 2005 first-round draft pick and former Cowboys defensive lineman Marcus Spears shares his thoughts on the defensive tackle.

Spears: Here’s the thing with Nick Saban’s defense, it’s actually tailored game-plan wise for dudes to make plays. How many times have we had this conversation? In a 3-4, as a zero technique in the 3-4, sometimes schematically, when teams are doing things that plays into your wheelhouse, your stats are going to jump off the page.

Basically, Da’ron had opportunities in the 4-3 to rush the passer. This is what I will say: freak athlete. A three technique all the time? He can be a dominant player in the NFL because of his physical skill. Strong as an ox, can run, very athletic. I think a lot of people saw those plays on display. Has a motor, but a lot of people talk about the stats. Go look at [Washington defensive lineman Vita Vea’s] stats. The difference is Vita plays at Washington. Daron probably played against 15 offensive linemen this year that’s going to get drafted too. So you know who he is.

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