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Cowboys News: Contract talks for David Irving? Emmitt Smith shuts down Eagles fans

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NFL: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Source: Cowboys reaching out to David Irving’s representatives - Blogging The Boys
Mike Fisher is reporting that the team has reached out to Irving's representatives to begin contract talks.

Circling back to Fisher’s tweet, if the Cowboys are interested in talking to Irving’s reps, it may just be a case of getting a feel for what it might take to hammer out something long-term. They may just be trying to get a marker as to what it might take, or they might be doing due-diligence for what tender they want to place on him. You can never have enough information.

Whatever the case, the idea that the Cowboys are engaging Irving’s reps has to be taken as a positive sign.

Putting it simply: Cowboys need David Irving because “HE IS SPECIAL” - Tom Ryle, Blogging The Boys
Our own Tom Ryle springboards off the brilliant Bob Sturm in pointing out the ridiculousness of the David Irving dilemma. And he uses some advanced mathematics to project a full season of awesomeness of the Cowboys talented young pass rusher.

Had Irving played sixteen games and kept the same level of production, he would have had fourteen sacks and twelve PDs (you are welcome for having the complicated math done for you - and you thought algebra would never come in handy after high school). He would not only have been the top DT at getting to the QB, he would have been fourth in the league in sacks, and only edge rushers would have been ahead of him. He would have been tied for 28th in passes defended, and only defensive backs would have led him. As it stands, only two defensive linemen, DEs Carlos Dunlap and Chris Jones, had more in 2017 - and they each notched seven.

Cowboys need a great pass rusher but here is why you prioritize Zack Martin over DeMarcus Lawrence - Kevin Sherrington, SportsDay
Both Zack Martin and DeMarcus Lawrence are likely in for a huge payday this offseason, but if the team could only choose one - which one would it be? Having an elite pass rusher is such a valuable commodity in this league, but as Kevin Sherrington points out, a couple of back injuries give a slight edge to Martin.

Question: Who would you prioritize in trying to sign to a long-term deal first: DeMarcus Lawrence or Zack Martin?

Kevin Sherrington: They need a great pass-rusher more than another Pro Bowl offensive lineman, but here's the difference. Because of Lawrence's history of back injuries, as well as the fact that this was the first year he did anything, they'd probably be smart to tag him and see how he does. Put together another year like this one, and he deserves a big-time deal. Martin has already demonstrated that he's maybe the best guard in the NFL, and he does it every year. So you know for sure what you're getting. Also, you don't know what's going to happen to Tyron Smith with all of his back problems. Don't know that they'd want to do this, but I could see them shifting Martin to LT if Smith's problems cut his career short. Martin played LT at Notre Dame. Bottom line: If you're getting a deal done now, it should be Martin. But it's close.

Is Charles Tapper the Next DeMarcus Lawrence for Cowboys? - Brian Martin, Inside The Star
At this time last year if you would have said that DeMarcus Lawrence would finish the year tied for second in sacks and have an All Pro season, people would have accused you of sipping a little too much of the blue kool-aid. So when people bring up SPARQ freak Charles Tapper, it might behoove us to keep an open mind with him as well. Brian Martin explains:

Tapper is kind of the forgotten man amongst the Cowboys DEs. He was part of the fantastic 2016 draft class for the Cowboys, but has ended up on injured reserve his first two seasons in the league with a back injury as a rookie and a broken foot this past season. Pretty much the same injuries that held Lawrence back as well.

I know it’s a little bit of a reach, but I think Charles Tapper could end up being the next DeMarcus Lawrence for the Dallas Cowboys. If Tapper can ever get healthy, I think it can be a difference maker.

There is no questioning Tapper’s talent. He was one of the most physically gifted DEs in the 2016 draft class, his Combine numbers prove that, but I also think he is one of the best on the Cowboys roster.

2018 Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock 2.0: Help In the Trenches with Vita Vea And Will Hernandez - Mathew Postins, 247 Sports
It's very possible that the Cowboys will get to choose between two very good options in the first round. Matthew Postins gives us seven rounds worth of mock-greatness, including why he passed on up Calvin Ridley.

Now, Vea wasn’t the highest-rated player on the board at the time I selected. Vea was No. 18 overall and Alabama wide receiver Calvin Ridley was No. 16. So I passed on Ridley to take Vea. Here’s my logic. I don’t think Dez Bryant is going anywhere -- if you read Fish's "Simple Soulution'' cap-rule breakdown of what Dallas can do with his contract, there is simply no reason to send Dez packing -- and while Ridley surely would give the offense an injection of speed, I think there are enough possibilities in this draft at wide receiver for the Cowboys to look for one later. Plus, the impact that Vea could have on this defense might be far bigger than Ridley might have on the offense.

Todd McShay: Why trading down from No. 19 in draft 'wouldn't be the worst thing' for Cowboys - Staff, SportsDay
The Cowboys are hoping one of the elite college stars falls to them at 19, but if that doesn't happen the team should have a backup plan. As Todd McShay indicates, trading out of that pick might not be a bad idea.

Are there even 19 players in the 2018 draft with first-round grades? (The Cowboys pick 19th.)

McShay: "I think there's about 17, 18. I think this is a draft where it's -- and I feel like we say this every year -- but there's a lot of depth in that second-, third-round range, so moving back wouldn't be the worst thing. It's interesting because usually the quarterbacks are the ones that will bump good players back, but there are four guys that are gonna go by then, all belong there -- they're included in that 18 or 19 players. So, I don't know that Lamar Jackson's gonna wind up moving all the way up or Mason Rudolph. I don't see that, personally, but that's one way to help assure that you're gonna get a good player."

Watch Cowboys great Emmitt Smith shut down Eagles fans when they tried to troll his radio interview - Staff, SportsDay
Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith was in the middle of an interview with 105.3 when Philadelphia Eagles fans attempted to distract him with obnoxious chants. Eventually, the Hall of Fame running back had enough after they started yelling, "Dallas sucks." He offered up these choice words for these lovely Philly fans:

"Did you really say that?! How many rings y'all got?! That's why you might not win this weekend! I was gonna pick you, but you talk too damn much! Go get some class! And go get a shot of penicillin with all that green on."

Not only is Smith the all-time leading rusher and former Dancing with the Stars champion, but apparently he's trained to give medical advice as well. It should be noted, that never has a Cowboys fan attempted to troll an Eagles Super Bowl champion. Ever. That's just how classy we are.

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek mocks contestant over football - Peter Dawson, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Jeopardy contestants avoided the football topic as long as they could and for good reason. They hadn't a clue. Host, Alex Trebek, made sure to get a nice dig in.

The first question, for $200: Your choice: Do or don't name this place in which the QB runs the ball & can choose to pitch it to another back.

For Cowboys fans, the most dumfounding moment came when Trebek asked, “Tom Landry perfected the shotgun formation with this team,” and was again met with silence.

“You think we should go to commercial,” Trebek asked?

Just think of how smart we'd all be if we didn't clog our brains up with all that football stuff.

Fort Worth Zoo crocodile chooses Super Bowl LII winner - Prescott Stokes III, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
There is no better way to accurately predict a Super Bowl winner than having Salty the crocodile choose between two raw chickens. Why waste time on all that statistically analysis when you have the simplicity of nature right at your disposal.

Salty was to make his selection by choosing from two raw chickens suspended above his exhibit, each branded with one of the teams’ logos and colors.

But both chickens fell from the rope above and into the water.

Salty went for the closet chicken, which happened to be the Patriots'.

It should be noted that Salty is 0-1 in his career with predictions, which is still better than the Eagles Super Bowl record.

Salty was supposed to jump up for the chickens, but they “conveniently” fell into the water with the blue Patriots chicken landing right next to him. No reports yet as to whether or not any foul play was involved.

Expert predictions for Super Bowl LII: How many are picking Eagles to upset Patriots? - Staff, SportsDay
If you don’t feel comfortable trusting a warm-blooded reptile, then venture over to SportsDay where the staff offers up their predictions of which team will emerge victorious on Sunday.

Jon Machota

One of the greatest coaches in sports history had two weeks to get his team ready for Philadelphia. As well as Nick Foles has played filling in for Carson Wentz, Bill Belichick will have the perfect defensive game plan to shut down the Eagles QB. Patriots 27, Eagles 14.

If you are planning on having a Super Bowl party, it’s not too late to print out a bunch of these challenge sheets for your guests. WFAA’s Landon Haaf did a great job of spicing up our Super Bowl Challenge.

And if you’re not sure what this is all about, they put together a little social media video explaining how it works.

WFAA's Super Bowl Challenge

If you're a Cowboys fan, the Super Bowl LII matchup may well be the bane of your existence. Play through the pain by downloading and filling out our Super Bowl Challenge at your watching party! DOWNLOAD AND PRINT GAME CARD:

Posted by WFAA on Friday, February 2, 2018

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