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[UPDATE]: Josh McDaniels stays in New England, Matt Eberflus reportedly will stay in Indy

Yes, this really happened.

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[UPDATE]: It is being reported that Matt Eberflus will stay in Indy. While nothing can be certain with any coaches future in Indy at the moment, sources say he will be the defensive coordinator.

Despite McDaniels’ sudden shift, two who agreed to be assistants for him in Indianapolis will remain with the Colts, regardless of who the next head coach will be, sources said. Former Cowboys assistant head coach/linebackers coach Matt Eberflus signed to become the Colts’ defensive coordinator and former Illinois defensive line coach Mike Phair signed to become Indy’s D-line coach.

One thing to keep in mind, the Colts did talk to Kris Richard about the head coach job before thinking they hired McDaniels. Could they try to return to him? [END UPDATE]

The domino of all dominoes fell late Thursday evening when Adam Schefter dropped a bombshell on the NFL world. Josh McDaniels has backed out on the Indianapolis Colts and will return to New England as offensive coordinator.

The poor Colts.

Jim Irsay and the rest of the Indianapolis organization look quite foolish and have every right to be steamed, but we’re interested in how this effects the Dallas Cowboys.

Former linebackers coach and passing game coordinator Matt Eberflus was going to follow Josh McDaniels to Indianapolis to serve as his defensive coordinator. The move became official on Thursday afternoon.

If Josh McDaniels isn’t going to be in Indianapolis, it could be that Matt Eberflus won’t either. If so, where does that mean he’ll be?

It’s possible that McDaniels saved Eberflus as well and wants him to also go to New England where he can fill the vacant position of defensive coordinator that Matt Patricia, now the head coach of the Detroit Lions, leaves behind.

Eberflus is valued within the building in New England, as evidenced by McDaniels’ affinity for him, and Bill Belichick could look to double dip on this bit of McDaniels news by taking the defensive coordinator Josh had chosen himself.

Of course, Eberflus could also return to Dallas. The position of passing game coordinator now belongs to Kris Richard, and the new Cowboys linebackers coach is Ben Bloom. We know that the Cowboys previously offered Eberflus the position of defensive coordinator with Rod Marinelli to serve as an assistant coach on top of him, could that be in play?

Dallas could just put that plan back into motion, and right now it’s hard to know what options Eberflus has. This McDaniels news is sending shockwaves into NFL circles, and it’s going to be fascinating to see the entire fallout from it.

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