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One of the best offensive linemen in the upcoming draft was hanging out with the Cowboys

Let’s hope this is the beginning of something beautiful.

NCAA Football: Louisiana Tech at Texas El Paso Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Entering the 2018 season the Dallas Cowboys are 80% certain about their offensive line.

Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, Zack Martin, and La’el Collins are all good to go where they lie. Who lines up in between Tyron and Travis at the all-important left guard position remains to be seen, though.

Dallas could try and bring back Jonathan Cooper who played well there, or for all we know they might try and make Chaz Green as left guard happen again. Many believe they’ll look to the draft to ultimately answer this question.

One of the best offensive linemen in this year’s class is UTEP’s Will Hernandez. The projected guard recently came in 27th on Dane Brugler’s Top 50 Big Board.

A mauler with elite grip strength, Hernandez loves to play the bully role regardless of the score or clock, displaying the natural power and surprising foot quickness to be a plug-and-play starter.

Hernandez, valued highly by everyone, should go in the first round come draft time. While the Cowboys have a multitude of directions they can head when they’re on the clock, Hernandez is, at the very least, a viable option.

What’s more is that the Cowboys already seem to like him, namely La’el Collins and Tyron Smith. The two were actually watching a movie with Will on Wednesday.

What do you think Tyron, La’el, and Will are talking about when they’re waiting in line for popcorn? Probably about how movie popcorn always tastes different than regular popcorn, and oh yea maybe about how great it is to be part of the Cowboys and block for Ezekiel Elliott.

We can only hope.

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