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How free agency deals like Sammy Watkins & Paul Richardson could help the Cowboys

Calvin Ridley and DJ Moore supporters, please rise.

NFL Draft Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

NFL free agency doesn’t start until Wednesday at 4pm ET, but don’t tell NFL free agency.

Things have been rolling at 1.21 gigawatt level speed (shout out to the OG Doc Brown) since early Tuesday morning with lots of “intent to sign” reports.

We’ve seen quarterbacks change teams which was the biggest news NFL-wide, but there are a lot of receivers finding new homes as well.

Sammy Watkins is headed to the Chiefs, Allen Robinson is headed to the Bears, Paul Richardson is headed to the Redskins, and both Albert Wilson and Danny Amendola are headed to the Dolphins.

All of this comes just a few days after the Cleveland Browns traded for Jarvis Landry. Wide receivers are on the move, and this is a good thing for the Dallas Cowboys as we approach the draft.

Given that the Cowboys at least showed some interest in the big-name receivers in early free agency, wide receiver is surely a position they are looking at for the future. Chicago, Miami, and Washington all pick ahead of the Cowboys in the draft, so the fact that they nabbed new wideouts is a very good thing for supporters of taking a wide receiver in the first round.

As it stands the only real spot before #19 that a receiver could conceivably go is 16th to the Baltimore Ravens. Ozzie Newsome is well-known to love him some Alabama players, could that be where Calvin Ridley lands?

This could push every non-Ridley receiver down to Dallas if they’re so inclined to take one with the 19th overall pick. There are certainly many a supporter of Maryland’s DJ Moore, but perhaps someone else tickles your fancy.

Whoever you prefer, odds of landing them continue to rise as other teams sign receivers. Keep it up, NFL.

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