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BTB welcomes two new moderators!

We’ve added some help to keep BTB a friendly place.

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Greetings BTB,

I wanted to take a moment, and a break from free agency, to let everyone know we’ve added some help to our moderating team. Two new moderators have joined our ranks from the community. They are Jeber and Tennessee_Jed. These two have been training for the past week or so, and they will now officially join Rena and Densa as moderators.

Please welcome them, and I can’t say enough about how appreciative I am that they are helping out at BTB. The moderators play such an important role and are routinely overlooked for their contributions, they keep BTB a civil place for Cowboys discussion. So let me say it right now, thanks!

Last season was a tough one for Cowboys fans, with the Ezekiel Elliott suspension, Jerry Jones’ feud with the NFL, the Cowboys failing to reach expectations and missing the playoffs; it was a tough time. As a result, some members of the community started to become frustrated and started lashing out more in the comments. This really seemed to pick up steam once the season ended, and as a result of new members not fully grasping the rules around BTB.

With a full moderating team back in force, we are going to be clamping down a bit on comments that are breaking the rules. We have a write-up on the Community Guidelines that can be found here. I recommend everyone take a quick refresher on the guidelines, it will certainly help going forward. Instead of rehashing all the rules on this post, if you have questions you can review the guidelines, and if you are still unsure, anyone is welcome to email me for more guidance or answers.

One thing I do ask, when a moderator deletes a comment or warns a member about their behavior, do not start arguing with the moderator in the comments. Instead, you are welcome to email me with your complaints. The comments section is for talking football and such, not for an argument with the moderator. This group is spending their free time moderating these comments so we can all have a nice place to commune and discuss the Cowboys. Show them respect or leave the blog. It’s that simple.

Certainly we don’t want to take the fun out of BTB, we want this to be a place where everyone can come, and that includes younger fans who are not yet adults, and talk Cowboys. We realize that people will slip up and step over the line occasionally. That’s okay, but for anybody who constantly disregards the rules, or disrespects the moderators, your time at BTB will be short.

For those who prefer the TL;DR version - just be nice. We all have opinions, let people express theirs without trying to belittle them. Just relax, it’s only football!

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