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Maybe things are working out for both the present and future at wide receiver

Sometimes happy accidents happen, maybe that’s the case for the Cowboys.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing technically happened with Dez Bryant on Tuesday, but it felt like a lot happened with Dez Bryant on Tuesday.

Reports circulated that he and Jerry Jones met for a kumbaya of sorts, the future of Dez has been a subject seemingly on the table for quite some time now. One thing every Cowboys fan knows though, if Jerry’s on your side, nothing is impossible.

While free agency doesn’t technically begin until Wednesday at 4pm ET, many receivers found new homes. Sammy Watkins to Kansas City, Allen Robinson to Chicago (Taylor Gabriel, too), Danny Amendola to Miami (also Albert Wilson), Jimmy Graham even landed in Green Bay (Jordy Nelson is out).

What do those receivers have to do with Dez Bryant, per se? A lot of them got stupid money, stupid money like you wouldn’t believe.

See? Stupid.

A day of Dezicions (I’m workshopping this term) wouldn’t have been one at all without a classic Dez Bryant ambiguous Instagram post. In it Dez combined emojis and mathematics, I’m sure Einstein is proud, forming an equation that read (star) + 88 = X. Cool, I guess.

So what does all of this mean, exactly? If you trust the writing on the wall in that nothing has happened (especially on a day where Jordy Nelson was released) combined with the writing on Dez’s Instagram page, it seems like he’s going to stay. Good.

Why is this good? Dez Bryant would cost the Cowboys $8M in dead money if they move on. It’s important to note that this figure drops to $4M a year from now. Releasing him in 2019 is a much more manageable pill to swallow.

Should the Cowboys release Dez a year from now they’ll need to have a proper plan in place (which they don’t at the moment) to succeed him. If only there was literally a way that they could accrue young talent to build on for the future sometime soon!

That’s right, amigos. The NFL draft cometh and so do receivers like Calvin Ridley, DJ Moore, Courtland Sutton, whoever you want. What’s more is that most of the teams who may have been interested in a wide receiver in the first 18 picks came away with one in free agency (we talked about this here).

Chicago, Miami, Washington, even Baltimore (the stupid up above) all spent big at wideout in free agency. Sweet cookies, guys! Calvin Ridley or DJ Moore are the type of consolation prize I will live with all day long.

Dallas was reportedly interested in Sammy Watkins, and not as a complement to Dez. Maybe they saw what kind of money the market was dictating, especially with the lower-quality guys, and realized that Dez Bryant at $16.5M is actually kind of not so bad at all.

All of this kind of morphed itself into a happy accident that could theoretically take care of the receiver position both in the now and in the future. Dez Bryant will most likely stay now, and considering that there is no legitimate backup plan for his departure this is a good thing. And come draft day the Cowboys can find Dez’s successor and weave him into the offense properly as a rookie, not putting an inordinate amount of pressure on him in his first year.

So... yay? Right?

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