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Report: Cowboys set to release Orlando Scandrick

It looks like Orlando Scandrick’s time in Dallas is truly ending.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a long week for Orlando Scandrick.

When NFL free agency was getting going at astronomical levels, he took to Instagram and posted that it “sure would be nice” to be released from the Cowboys. That was the implication anyway.

Four days later, Orlando got his wish. ESPN’s Josina Anderson has reported that the Cowboys are set to release the 10-year cornerback.

Scandrick had a solid Cowboys career. He played corner for them for a decade, for goodness sake.

Think back to 2008. It was a simpler time. Dallas had two first-round picks to play with and chose to use one on a cornerback that they hoped to get a decade out of, Mike Jenkins (the other pick was Felix Jones... sigh). That didn’t work.

Orlando fought for everything he ever got in Dallas, though. He made do, talked a little, and in 2014 reached the pinnacle of his career with the Cowboys (after serving a suspension to start the season, mind you).

Scandrick is 31-years-old and now will seemingly be free to negotiate a deal with another team. There have been reports for the last year or so that the Cowboys discussed sending him to New Orleans in a deal that would involve Kenny Vaccaro, maybe that’s where Scandrick ends up.

Whatever the case, the veteran of the Cowboys secondary is now gone. It’s a new era in the defensive backfield, one that Kris Richard can hopefully make into something special.

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