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10 things we could see on “All or Nothing” with the Dallas Cowboys

Let’s look at this glass half full.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

When word broke that this season of “All or Nothing” will have been 2017 with the Dallas Cowboys many people had the same comment or a derivative of it.

“That’s going to be... interesting/rough/sad/frustrating.”

It’s true. Last season the Cowboys went 9-7 and played a meaningless game in Philadelphia as their swan song. It was extremely disappointing and dragged our hearts through the ringer at times. But let’s be positive about what this experience is/was.

“All or Nothing” (from here on out referred to as AoN), is a peek behind the curtain that most fan bases don’t ever get. We’re going to have eight episodes ripe with information.

What sort of information could we get from AoN? Here are 10 things to look forward to and cross your fingers for.

How the Cowboys handled the Ezekiel Elliott back-and-forth internally

When you think about the 2017 Cowboys season, the biggest storyline was undoubtedly Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension and it’s “will he or won’t he play” nature. There were several times throughout the season where his status was revoked and re-classified, will AoN give us any insight as to how the Cowboys planned for and around this?

Were the Cowboys actually talking about taking down Janoris Jenkins in Week 1?

During the season opener against the Giants, at one point the Cowboys either forgot they employed the NFL’s reigning rusher who they’d fought to get on the field (an idea that would sadly repeat) or they got really proud. Which one was it?

Dallas tried to beat New York cornerback Janoris Jenkins with Dez Bryant repeatedly down near the goal line. Was there actual discussion forcing this idea? Were coaches and players championing this cause that ultimately failed? It’d be interesting to see.

Ryan Switzer’s muffed punt against the Los Angeles Rams

You can never blame a game on one particular play or player, but for all intents and purposes Ryan Switzer’s muffed punt against the Rams cost the Cowboys that game.

Switzer had been a household name for Cowboys fans at the time, but that moment catapulted him to the forefront of the national spotlight. It’s the price you pay to be a member of America’s Team.

Will we get audio/video of Switzer on the sidelines after? Anybody offering him words of consolation? In a season where the Cowboys were oh so shy of the playoffs, this was such a pivotal moment.

David Irving’s return from suspension to greatness

We don’t know exactly what the Cowboys are going to do with David Irving in the present day, but we know that he served a four-game suspension to start the season before he wreaked serious havoc.

Irving was not only loud on the field, but he was not shy off of it. He was not afraid to speak his mind on any matter.

How much of David Irving individually will we get to see? Perhaps some discussion about how the Cowboys decided to continually play him at defensive tackle? Please?

The run of greatness right before the rug was pulled out

Out of the bye the Cowboys went to San Francisco, Washington, and hosted Kansas City. Those were three big wins and three performances that helped calibrate Dallas offensively.

It would be the last run all season where our confidence was high all across the board as Zeke’s suspension began after it. But what of this run? How high were the Cowboys spirits, exactly? It would be fascinating to find out.

Tony Romo’s return home on November 5th

The end of that run was the game at home against Kansas City on November 5th. This was the first Dallas appearance on CBS in 2017, and in 2017 that meant Tony Romo was on the call.

This was, as you’ll remember, Romo’s homecoming. AT&T Stadium played a tribute video narrated by Jason Witten, and an emotional Romo thanked the fans from his place up above (no lie I got chills writing that).

Will we get some views of Romo not on TV? Perhaps in the locker room or on the field pre-game? Also this was the game with the Tyreek Hill Mary so it will definitely make you sad to some degree.

The Chaz Green and Adrian Clayborn game

The episode where Dallas goes to Atlanta will be fascinating for many reasons. Dallas was down Ezekiel Elliott (suspension), Sean Lee (injury), and Tyron Smith (injury). To top it all off there was a public feud happening between Jerry Jones and Arthur Blank over the commissioner’s upcoming contract.

AoN is, in a sense, reality television. This episode could make any reality show you’ve ever seen look soft and boring, especially when Adrian Clayborn shows up.

Is there any doubt that Chaz Green won’t watch this? It’s going to hurt all of us. A lot.

Jerry Jones’ HOF presentation at halftime of the Eagles game (and the aftermath)

One week after Chaz Green was publicly humiliated the Cowboys themselves were put through a public ringer at home against the soon-to-be world champion Philadelphia Eagles.

It would be the worst loss ever suffered in AT&T Stadium’s history, but not before Jerry Jones was honored at halftime. That’s right. In the game’s intermission period Jerry Jones was celebrated in front of thousands of Cowboys fans for his Hall of Fame induction and presented with his HOF ring.

There’s no doubt there’s a huge pomp and circumstance for this, right?

Dez Bryant becoming the franchise’s all-time leader in receiving touchdowns

AoN doesn’t drop until April 27th. By then we will 100% know what team Dez Bryant is playing for in 2018.

If it’s not the Cowboys, you’re going to need some ice cream to watch this moment. On November 30th at home against the Redskins on Thursday Night Football Dez Bryant set the record for most receiving touchdowns in team history. It could be glorious.

If Dez is still on the Cowboys, this will tug at our heartstrings. It’ll make us say, “that’s the Dez I know!” and be positive about his upcoming season.

For some reason though if Dez is somewhere else... man this will sting.

Jeff Heath saving the day in Oakland

Perhaps the most incredible moment from last season was when Jeff Heath flew through the air and triumphantly forced Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr to fumble (waits for you to fist pump).

It was a leap of magic from Heath that was akin to those electric shock paddles that doctors use. In one moment, through one feat of strength, he singlehandedly breathed life back into the Cowboys season.

There was a great moment that Inside The NFL captured from this game where Jason Garrett addressed the team in the locker room about the play. When NFL Films has an entire hour to glorify it? Watch out.

Earl Thomas telling Jason Garrett to go get him

Again, as this won’t drop until well after free agency, we’ll know where Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas is playing when it does. But what if it’s in Dallas?

The possibility exists, mostly because Earl himself walked up to Jason Garrett after his team eliminated them from playoff contention on Christmas Eve. He very famously told him to go get him if he had a chance and walked those comments back in the time since.

There’s literally zero doubt that this moment was captured, right? Imagine if you’re binge-watching this late at night, after just ordering your ET29 Cowboys jersey, and you see this. You’ll jump through your roof in anticipation for this upcoming season. Let’s hope so.

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