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Just how much change are the Cowboys bringing to their receiver corps?

There are a lot of moving parts that suggest we could see some new players at reciever in 2018.

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We know the Cowboys are interested in wide receivers, everything they done this offseason would suggest that change is coming in that area. The question is, just how much change?

From top to bottom of the position group, there are outside players who were either pursued (Sammy Watkins), being pursued (Dontrelle Inman, Justin Hunter), or will likely be pursued (the 2018 draft). Are the Cowboys ready to re-do the position? Just last year, the Cowboys re-made their secondary. How much of the receiver corps is in danger?

It started way back when Stephen Jones all but said that the Cowboys were going to need to renegotiate Dez Bryant’s contract. But we found out just how serious they were when they went after Sammy Watkins in free agency. There was very little chance that if the Cowboys got Watkins, they would have kept Dez Byrant, too. In their minds, they have already crossed the Rubicon and developed ideas of playing 2018 without Dez. Dane Brugler wonders just where they are on that, now.

[Watkins is] an athletic receiver who can make plays at all levels of the field, and it was a little surprising that the Cowboys made such a strong push for a player like that who I’d love to put him on this team, but it really makes you think about the future of Dez Bryant. Is today the day? Is tomorrow the day? When we’re going to get more of a finite understanding of what Dez Bryant’s role will be with the team for this upcoming year. Or will he even be on the roster?

With all the major wide receivers off the board in free agency, the only chance of replacing Bryant for this year would be through the draft, unless the Cowboys pulled off some kind of trade. We know that the Cowboys have lined up Calvin Ridley for a pre-draft interview. This also states their seriousness about possibly shaking up the receiving corps.

Brugler, among many others including some writers here at BTB, have cautioned against placing too much faith in rookie wide receivers. Replacing Bryant is a tough role for a rookie, so the odds are with Dez remaining in 2018. Still, will Dallas ask him to take a paycut, or are they content to play it out for another year? That question still hangs in the air and could color any future decisions.

Could Dallas draft someone like Ridley, or D.J Moore, at the expense of a current Cowboy receiver's roster spot? Would Bryant, a draft pick and either Terrance Williams or Cole Beasley make their top three receivers? Could that mean maybe either Williams or Beasley would be expendable in a situation like that? Remember, Beasley could be cut with only $1 million in dead money and save $3.25 million on the cap.

Then there is the other end of the roster. The Cowboys are currently talking to Justin Hunter and Dontrelle Inman. Word is they are considering signing both.

There’s a chance both will stay.

Dontrelle Inman and Justin Hunter are currently scheduled to drop by The Star in the next few days, a source said. The club has discussed the possibility of signing both players.

There are only so many spots on the roster. Could one of these two shove Noah Brown out of a roster spot? Ryan Switzer would appear safe for at least another year because of his value in the return game. We know they have to replace Brice Butler, but if they sign both Hunter and Inman, and then draft a receiver in the early rounds, that’s a lot of players to fill only five spots, six at the most.

Of course, this will all work itself out in time. But Dallas is spending a lot of energy surrounding their receiver corps this offseason, from top to bottom. Just how much of a renovation are they going to perform?

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