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The Cowboys are bringing in new players, but they’re really just old players

Cowboys free agency raises the questions: Is new still new if it’s technically old?

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Wednesday night was wild, yall.

Imagine the excitement of Christmas Eve, the lit-ness of New Year’s Eve, and what a cliche 21st birthday is like all rolled into one giant festivity and you might come close to the Cowboys signing their first outside free agent, linebacker Joe Thomas.

Thomas is the second new uniform the Cowboys will have to make this week as they traded with the Oakland Raiders for fullback Jamize Olawale. That’s two new Cowboys.

The thing is, they’re not really new. They’re old. I realized this when astute fellow FPW Danny Phantom pointed it out on Wednesday night.

Dallas toyed around with Jamize Olawale in 2012 when he went undrafted. It was they who converted him to a fullback, but when they chose Philip Tanner over him he went west where he’s been ever since.

As you’re likely aware (I assume you’re smart, don’t worry), Joe Thomas had a cup of coffee on the Cowboys practice squad back in 2015. So while the Cowboys deserve credit (I guess?) for bringing in two new players, they aren’t really two new players.

This kind of feels like the M.O. of the Cowboys towards all things, really. They believe in what they believe in, and they believe that the things they’ve touched will turn to gold. For crying out loud, Kellen Moore is this team’s quarterbacks coach.

It’s not like Jamize Olawale is the same player that he was in 2012 or that Joe Thomas is the one that he was in 2015, but the Cowboys “going out” and getting these two specifically is kind of a braggadocios thing when you really think about it. It’s them saying, “yea we were right this guy’s got something going on.”

Maybe the next Cowboys move will be to sign Matt Johnson. Dreams never die, people.

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