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What the Allen Hurns signing means for the Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have successfully made upgrades at receiver, what does it all mean?

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The Dallas Cowboys have made it a clear priority to upgrade their wide receiver room this offseason. After they saw significant declines in 2017 from this group it’s easy to see why. Since the offseason began, they started by letting Derek Dooley move on to bring in Sanjay Lal to coach the receivers. This week, the Cowboys added a speedster veteran receiver who spent time with Lal in Deonte Thompson. However, the biggest news was their courting and signing of wide receiver free agent Allen Hurns.

Hurns signed a two-year deal worth $12 million and Thompson’s deal is for one-year up to $2.5 million, although Thompson’s cap hit is $1.8 million with $700,000 in hard-to-reach-incentives. When you look at those deals they are relatively good ones but you also have to look at the position. If the Cowboys intend on keeping Dez Bryant, his cap hit is currently $16.5 million for 2018. Terrance Williams has a cap hit of $4.75 million for 2018 and Cole Beasley’s is $4.25 million.

All in all, only one team is spending more money on wide receiver than the Dallas Cowboys and that’s the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Cowboys currently have nine wide receivers on the roster, totaling $28,209,480 million, that figure makes up 15.30 percent of the entire $178 million salary cap. That $28.2 million is also without Allen Hurns’ contract added to it by the way, so it only grows.

At this point, you have to assume the Cowboys aren’t done and could even add a potentially high draft pick to this room. That’s a lot of resources to be throwing at one area and it’s doubtful that the Cowboys will allow such a large figure to stick for the entire season. Could we be seeing some potential changes in the works fairly soon?

First, we still haven’t received concrete answers about Dez Bryant’s cap figure, will they work to get his salary to a more comfortable number? It’s something to consider as Bryant and the Jones family are very close and could easily work out something there. However, on the other hand, Bryant’s money compared to some of these free agency deals thrown out might look a lot better. It’s quite possible that the Cowboys decide to just leave Bryant’s contract alone and re-visit it again in 2019. We, at least, know Dez is working hard to bounce back from a lackluster season.

That brings us to Terrance Williams, he is the Cowboys current WR2 but Hurns is now being paid WR2 money. Could the Cowboys be looking towards teams like the Seahawks or others that need a WR2 on the roster? If the Cowboys could trade Williams plus a sixth-round pick for a fifth-round selection, would you do it? Let’s go one more rung up the ladder, how about Williams and a high-draft pick for Earl Thomas?

If you can’t trade Williams with his 500+ receiving yards and zero touchdowns maybe you turn to Cole Beasley. When you think of smaller receivers, you think of the New England Patriots. Maybe without Amendola and with an aging Julian Edelman, Beasley could be of service, his $4.25 million cap figure isn’t hard to trade.

The Cowboys are aggressively looking to make their offense more “Dak-friendly” and their wide receiver room was definitely needing some attention. Still, these signings in connection with the money that is being thrown at the position plus a potential draft pick, leads us all to believe that everything is still rather fluid at receiver.

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