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Do the Cowboys owe their Allen Hurns signing to a snowstorm and Terrelle Pryor?

Fate can be a funny thing, and in may have played a role in Cowboys free agency this week.

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The Cowboys now have Allen Hurns and that’s great. Cool.

They landed Hurns because they pitched him a deal and a situation that ultimately Allen found to his liking. That’s the way negotiations work, right? One side offers, the other side accepts or refuses.

We know that Hurns visited The Star in Frisco on Wednesday. How do we know? Instagram, fam.

This was Wednesday, March 21st right around 3:30pm ET. What else do we know? According to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, Hurns left without a deal and was actually headed to New York to visit the Jets. This is her tweet almost exactly 24 hours after Hurns visited Dallas.

The thing about Hurns and the Jets is he was actually supposed to visit them before the Cowboys. While we’re moving forward in time, let’s jump back for a second to another Josina Anderson tweet.

After originally reporting that Hurns would visit the Jets on Wednesday, Anderson amended things due to a snowstorm.

So Hurns indeed visited Dallas first (on the 21st). He presumably left without an agreement and was going to take his visit to the Jets as reported. His visit was to happen on the 22nd.

The thing is though, the Jets signed a receiver before Hurns ever arrived, at least according to some time stamps. Ian Rapoport reported that Terrelle Pryor was closing in on a deal on Thursday evening.

It’s understandable that the Jets, like any NFL team, would want to get things done as soon as possible. With Hurns unable to visit them as originally planned, perhaps Pryor got to them first and they made their bed to lie in. How do we know Hurns hadn’t visited yet, though?

Shifting away from Twitter, Allen Hurns had updated his Instagram story on Thursday evening indicating that he had landed at LaGuardia Airport, presumably on his way to his Jets visit. It’s not practical to assume that he got a chance to visit with the Jets given the times reported.

It stands to reason that agreeing with Terrelle Pryor reduced the Jets interest in Hurns. Amazingly, the Jets were only able to come to that resolution because they hadn’t met with Hurns yet, even though his visit was supposed to happen a day before.

Perhaps even more amazingly, the reason Hurns didn’t get to make his trip to New York was because of a snowstorm. That snowstorm coupled with New York landing Terrelle Pryor might have created another perfect storm that left Allen Hurns looking at Dallas as the right fit.

Fate is a funny thing.

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