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Allen Hurns is excited to be a Cowboy which is exciting for the offense

Everything about Allen Hurns becoming a Dallas Cowboys receiver is awesome.

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When the Cowboys landed Allen Hurns, the first reaction was met with trepidation but it had nothing to do with the player Hurns can be. Instead, it had everything to do with whether or not this meant anything regarding Dez Bryant. Look, it’s no secret that Bryant’s last three seasons haven’t been what’s expected from a player like him but he also wasn’t in full control of what happened around him. This deal is way less about Dez Bryant and way more about what the offense has to complement him:

When the numbers came out on Allen Hurns’ deal, two-years, $12 million, everyone who prematurely signaled the end for 88 (including me) exhaled a breath of ease. Mike Fisher reported later that Dez Bryant was most certainly in the plans for 2018 but that doesn’t mean everyone’s safe as we already discussed. Now that we have had a little time to digest this amazingly “Cowboy-friendly” deal, Hurns becoming a Cowboy is all the more exciting. Speaking of Dez, he’s pretty excited too:

I asked Dez about the transaction. ”Man, it just helps us create more problems for the defense,’’ Bryant said. And then I asked Dez about his happiness level.

”What kind of question is that?’’’ he joked. “Of course I’m happy!’’

For one, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Hurns could have made more money had he signed with any of the teams that showed interest in him. The Cowboys aren’t in the business of being the highest bidder. As obvious as it is that Hurns could have cashed in, it’s equally evident that Allen Hurns wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy from the jump:

Hurns credited CowboysNation on social media for being at least part of the reason he chose to represent the star:

Any Cowboys fan had to love that, am I right? This fan base like any can be hard to please but when you stretch out for CowboysNation, the love will come right back to you and not just from the fans:

Seeing that camaraderie on display warms the blue and silver blood in any die-hard’s heart. Hurns isn’t coming into Dallas without knowing he’s got a good crew to rock with, he also handles trivial questions about as good as you can:

Hurns is getting paid like a WR2 and after last season, it’s a wonderful thought to go into camp this year in Battle Royal mode at receiver. For the Cowboys, with such a strong running game, bolstering the receiver corps like they have is making good on the promise to become more “Dak-friendly”.

Folks will wonder what the fit will be because both Dez and Hurns are“X” receiver types but there’s no doubt Hurns is an upgrade to the room. Two seasons ago, Hurns made the Pro Bowl and was featured on the the NFL’s Top 100 with some praise from Bill Belichick:

As if you needed any more convincing that Hurns simply wanted that star on his helmet, the details of his deal are as follows:

Though it’s hard to remain patient when all these teams were making moves around them, this time patience certainly won out for the Cowboys. Besides, knowing that they made a run at Sammy Watkins who signed a three-year, $48 million deal with $30 million guaranteed with the Chiefs makes you so relieved that they failed as our own RJ Ochoa points out:

There are a ton of factors that lead to Allen Hurns becoming a Cowboy but everyone should share in the excitement. Despite being relatively quiet for more than a week into free agency, the Cowboys still shopped aggressively and made a great move for their offense. Of course, there is still plenty of work ahead but it’s okay to get hyped about this guy joining the offense:

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