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Allen Hurns has chosen what jersey number he’ll wear with the Cowboys

It’s time to order your jerseys if you’re an Allen Hurns fan.

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

News that Allen Hurns would be joining the Dallas Cowboys broke on Friday and with it came a lot of important questions:

  • What did this mean for Dez Bryant? (he’s good, no worries, we think)
  • Who would be the odd man out in the receiving group? (likely Terrance Williams)
  • What jersey number would Hurns wear in Dallas? (obviously not his old one)

Jersey numbers are something that some scoff at. What does it matter? As long as they perform, who cares what number they wear?

There are others, though... dozens of us. Some of us lied awake on Sunday night hours after Hurns tweeted that he’d have an update this morning. The number has to fit. It has to make sense. It also, very important here, has to be cool.

If you’ve been on the edge of your seat, I’m done stringing you along. Monday morning the newest Cowboys receiver dropped the all-important news. Allen Hurns will wear #17.

Cowboys fans have some nice recent memories of a receiver rocking #17, Dwayne Harris did before he left after the 2014 season. Since then we’ve seen, to the horror of some, Kellen Moore wear what Don Meredith once pulled over his shoulders.

Of course, there’s another current member of the Cowboys that used to wear the silver and blue #17. Head coach Jason Garrett donned it once upon a time in his playing days. Allen is actually the ninth (I fixed my dumb tweet, apologies fam) member of the Cowboys to ever wear the number.

The only question that remains is what color jersey you’re going to get. If you want my opinion, go with the classic white. If you don’t want my opinion, well fine then.

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