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Jason Garrett speaks out on Dez Bryant and the idea of moving La’el Collins to left guard

The Cowboys head coach talks about the teams most recent free agency moves.

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After the weekend’s free agent excitement, there has been some new ideas going around about how these signings could impact the team going forward. The addition of former Jaguars wide receiver Allen Hurns has people questioning what this now means for the future of Dez Bryant. And the acquisition of tackle Cameron Fleming has generated the idea that La’el Collins should shift over from right tackle to left guard. Is there any truth to any of this?

Well, only time will tell, but recently Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett took a moment to speak to reporters at this year’s NFL Annual League meeting in Orlando and maybe he can shed a little light on the subject matter.

What does the Hurns signing mean for Dez Bryant?

Here is what coach Garrett had to say about this...

“I think both with Allen and with Deonte you’re just trying to continue to create competition at a position that’ll bring out the best in everybody,” Garrett said. “We love Dez Bryant. Dez has been a great player for us for a long time. Any speculation about his contract or anything like that to me is irrelevant relative to the recent signings that we’ve made. We’re excited about bringing these guys in and seeing what they can do to help us offensively… I think we’re going to have the same number of receivers on our team and the same number of plays in the game.”

Garrett’s not revealing much, but he did reiterate his love for his wide receiver and refuted the idea that bringing on Hurns had anything to do with the future of Dez Bryant. The Cowboys like Hurns and his ability to get open. He will make a nice new target for Dak Prescott, but his presence in Dallas will not push out Bryant.

There is still a lot of mystery as to how this front office perceives Bryant and how all the financials come into play when deciding if he’s part of their future. But for now, the team is just trying to bolster their receiving group and adding Hurns is a great way to accomplish that. The contract conversation with Bryant as well as what the team does in the draft will speak volumes as to what the future holds for 88.

Will the addition of Cameron Fleming move La’el Collins to guard?

The Cowboys got themselves a swing tackle in free agency and to the surprise of many - he’s a better player than we expected. Cameron Fleming has been a reliable backup tackle for New England and performed well when he was forced into a starting role due to injury. He even held his own against a good Eagles pass rush in the Super Bowl.

Because Fleming is more capable than what the Cowboys are used to having at swing tackle, some are throwing out the idea that he’s worthy of the starting right tackle spot, which would then move last year’s starting RT back to guard. What did Jason Garrett think about this idea? His response...

“The thing that we did not want to do at the outset is say, this guy is going to play this position, this guy’s going to play this position. One of the things we like about both L.C. and Cameron Fleming is they have flexibility. They’ve played outside, they’ve played inside, and they’re guys we feel like they have some versatility to allow us to play the best five guys.”

The Cowboys certainly have options. Despite their dominance in recent years, the offensive line group has been constantly shuffling around new faces in new places. It would be good to get some continuity. Last season, both Collins and Jonathan Cooper started in new spots for the team. Once they got acclimated, the running game started humming and the offense was playing well, but then an injury to Tyron Smith messed everything up. The team will look to get the best five linemen on the field, but playing musical chairs with these guys is doing them no favors.

It might be a little hasty to be projecting players in certain spots. After all, the team still has a draft in front of them. If they are able to get a starting quality guard, then the Cowboys would have the most optimal situation - five good starting offensive linemen with a solid swing tackle in their back pocket.

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