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NFL free agency: Cowboys WR Terrance Williams broke his foot while working out

That’s unfortunate.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Monday afternoon Stephen Jones sent shockwaves across Cowboys nation when he gave word that wide receiver Terrance Williams broke his foot this offseason.

Many were initially troubled as this would seemingly stall any hypothetical opportunities to trade away Terrance which, considering the recent Allen Hurns signing, many would like to do.

One question that everybody had immediately was how Terrance broke his foot. Nobody knew. It was mysterious, like why those jerks at HBO had to take away Game of Thrones this spring. We got our answer on Tuesday morning.

I’ve never broken anything in my life (knocks on wood... you’re supposed to do that right?), but I suppose this is the best way to break your foot?

I’m talking about from a responsibility standpoint here. Terrance was literally doing his job, working out, when he apparently broke his foot. If you’re a Cowboys fan that was upset with him over his unfortunate medical status, well it’s kind of hard to be now.

The point is it’s not like Terrance was doing something that could be argued as dangerous and irresponsible that led to the break, you know, something like this from last summer.

Get well soon, Terrance.

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