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Former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo nominated for Emmy Award

Tony Romo’s first year of retirement is going so well, he could wind up with gold in the end.

NFL: AFC Championship-Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When Tony Romo hung up the cleats less than a year ago, it wasn’t long before he was announced as the guy to take over one of the biggest gigs in all of football, the seat next to Jim Nantz on the CBS NFL broadcast team.

Romo’s delivery was entertaining, his knowledge was insightful, and his ability to play color commentator to Natz’s play-by-play was a great combination. Every single week, we were all reminded of just how much Tony Romo can still offer the game of football. He was fresh, he was funny, he was exciting, and now he may be golden.

That’s right, Tony Romo has been nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sports Personality. This caps off a rookie season that saw Romo win Sports Illustrated’s 2017 Media Person of the Year.

“Romo’s knowledge of the league—specifically the formations and fronts of teams and how an offense attacks a defense—made him an invaluable resource for NFL viewers,” SI columnist Richard Deitsch writes.

“His natural enthusiasm and love for football translated for audiences and he has rightly received praise from fans and the NFL establishment.”

It doesn’t end there as SI doubled down on their love for the CBS duo, naming them the #1 team in the game, before the season even ended:

1. Jim Nantz, Tony Romo, CBS: No analyst has had a better year than Romo, who went straight from the field to the booth. Not only did Romo give viewers insight they hadn’t heard before while bringing passion and energy, he seemed to reinvigorate Nantz. One thing to keep an eye on: The past couple of weeks, Romo has toned down his habit of calling plays before they happen. My fear throughout the season was that some CBS suit would get to Romo and suggest changes. I’m afraid this has happened, Romo has still had the best year of any analyst in the NFL.

While everyone loves to see the fun-loving Romo shoving mics into his pocket as he chipshots one onto the green, don’t mistake that smile. Tony Romo is one super competitive dude and he’s left no doubt that he’s coming for the heavyweight title of sports broadcasting. In one year, he ousted a former Giants Super Bowl champion quarterback with ease and became the analyst everyone has been clamoring for.

Tony Romo makes football exciting because he does nothing in his life without the necessary passion it takes to achieve the highest level. Fans either loved Tony Romo or they hated him as a starting quarterback for America’s Team but everybody loves “Tony The Broadcaster”. He went from being unfairly blamed for every mistake the franchise made over the past decade to being the voice of our Sundays. Tony Romo is saving us all from a product that had grown stale over the years. The fact that he’s had the rookie season of all rookie seasons suggests that he’s going to be a major media personality moving forward. In the words of the 16X World Champion, Ric Flair: “Whether you like it or not, learn to love it because it’s the best thing going today!”

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