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NFL Combine 2018: Winners and losers among potential Cowboys prospects

Checking in on how Cowboys potential prospects are doing at the combine.

NFL Combine - Day 2 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The NFL Combine is in full swing this weekend and with it has begun the buzz for many draft prospects. Cowboys fans have locked on their favorites and as these players start making a splash in a certain drill, you better believe it gets us all excited. Are we getting ahead of ourselves or is it time for everyone else to take notice? Well, every situation is different. Over the last few days, I’ve gotten into several discussions on social media about potential prospects for the Cowboys so I thought I’d do a little Fact or Fiction on some of the hottest questions I’ve seen recently.

Fact or Fiction: Will Hernandez is worth of the 19th overall pick

The hype on the powerful guard from UTEP has been strong from the get-go. He’s a player that most Cowboys fans should be interested in. He’s a huge guy who moves well and plays with a level of aggressiveness that makes you love to add him to the Cowboys offensive line.

His 37 reps just reiterates his strength, but he also weighed in about 20 pounds lighter than expected. The lighter junk in the trunk has allowed him to move well at the combine and it has everyone on notice as he clocked a 5.15 40 time.

His performance at the combine has definitely increased his draft stock.

Hernandez is just one of those pesky offensive linemen that will drive defenders crazy. How do you not love that?

Is he worthy of the Cowboys first-round pick? I would have scoffed at the notion a week ago, but seeing this guy move as well as he has makes me real excited. I’m still not sold on the idea of using the team’s top draft resource on a guard as there are still other really good football players in that area that could be valuable to the Cowboys. Hernandez is certainly in the conversation though. The key for Dallas at 19 is to grab the best player that can help their team and although it’s still early - it’s possible Hernandez could be that player. He’s worthy.


Fact or Fiction: Is G Billy Price a possible target after suffering an injury?

There are a slew of talented guards that could go in the 20-40 range of the draft (Isaiah Wynn, Will Hernandez, James Daniel, and Billy Price), but many of those players are considered a “reach” at 19, yet not likely to be available at 50. However, a bad break for the Ohio State guard may have opened a small window for one of them to slide to Dallas in the second round.

The injury is not expected to be serious and even if surgery is required, Price could be back on the field by training camp.

Price shouldn’t fall very far, but it could be enough to land him at 50. If the Cowboys don’t go OL in the first round, he has to be high on their radar for the second round.


Fact or Fiction: D.J. Moore should be considered for the Cowboys at 19

Another fan-favorite of Cowboys fans that is soaring up the draft board is Maryland wide receiver D.J. Moore. You can’t get very far in the twitterverse without hearing a Cowboys draft expert talking him up. And for good reason, as people sift through the tape, it has become more and more apparent that he possesses outstanding traits to be a great receiver in the NFL. He put up good numbers in college, catching 80 passes for 1,033 yards and eight touchdowns. However, those numbers don’t do him justice because he played with four different quarterbacks last season.

One of the knocks on Moore was his size as he was listed at 5’10” which led everyone and their brother to make the standard Steve Smith comparisons. But Moore surprised people by measuring out at 6’0” at the combine. Now, I don’t know how he managed to pull that off, but I have my suspicions.

Many Cowboys fans were hoping he would have a shot to be there at 50, but that notion is all but fading.

The question now begs, where will he be drafted now? Somewhere in the first round? Should the Cowboys consider him at 19.

To quote Helman himself, “the combine does funny things to people’s brains.”

Moore’s stock is definitely rising and it would not surprise me to see him be selected on Day 1, but he should not be a player in consideration for the Cowboys first-round pick. There are just too many great players ahead of him to reach for Moore at 19.


I’d gladly take my chances with a player like Equanimeous St. Brown in a later round and use 19 for something better.

Fact or Fiction: Maurice Hurst’s heart condition takes him out of first-round consideration

Michigan defensive tackle got some bad news on Saturday.

Hurst was considered a first-round pick and potential target for the Cowboys. What will this news do to his draft stock?

It’s tough to say right now as more testing will be needed to determine the severity. In 2013, first-round prospect Star Lotulelei had an echocardiogram that detected he had a heart condition, but additional testing indicated there was no dysfunction. The Carolina Panthers still selected him in the first round.

This is just one of those wait and see situations, but I’m not ready to close the book on him being a Day 1 option. This could make him slide a bit and that might be enough to get past the 19th overall pick. Unless more news surfaces that points to it being a real issue, Hurst should still be considered a first-round option, which could make him a late first-round steal.


Which players have impressed you the most so far at the combine?

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