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Should the Cowboys take a wide receiver in the first round?

A we move closer toward the draft, what to do at wide receiver is an interesting question for the Cowboys.

Maryland v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys took a great step forward in strengthening their wide receiver position when they signed Allen Hurns to a team-friendly two-year deal. As it stands now, the team has a great one-two combo of Dez Bryant and Hurns as well as Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley further down the depth chart. And that doesn’t even include second-year receiver Ryan Switzer or the “other” free agent WR the team signed last week - Deonte Thompson.

Some would say the team is sitting in good shape at wide receiver now. But if that’s the case, then why is the team showing such a heavy interest in many of the top receivers in the draft? Both Calvin Ridley and D.J. Moore are each one of the official 30 visits. It’s not surprising to see those names on the invite list as they are regarded as the two top receivers coming out of the draft.

But the Cowboys interest doesn’t stop there. The team is also taking a look at Texas A&M receiver Christian Kirk. The Cowboys new special teams coordinator, Keith O’Quinn, was in attendance at Kirk’s Pro Day earlier in the week. Besides a top receiver, Kirk has been dynamic in the return game in college. He is expected to have a private workout scheduled with the team. Kirk believes he belongs with the top guys in this draft glass...

“I’m up there at the top if not at the top (of this receiver class),” Kirk said. “That’s what I believe. Just have to have that confidence every time I step on the field. Just believe in everything that I can do and just bring a different aspect to the game, different dynamic, being able to play in the slot, being able to play outside, special teams and what not.

”I just want to show these coaches that I’m an all-around football player. Not only can I bring a lot to the field, I can bring a lot to the locker room, be a leader, be accountable.”

And then there’s SMU’s Courtland Sutton. Our own RJ Ochoa wrote earlier about how Jason Garrett was the only head coach in attendance at his Pro Day.

The Cowboys are clearly showing a heavy interest in the top group of wide receivers in the draft. For those who are projecting a complete WR overhaul is coming in Dallas, this is the type of activity you might expect to happen to support such a thing. That’s not to say it’s going to go down like that, but the team is certainly entertaining the idea of an early round WR investment.

Ridley and Moore are top players in this draft. While it might not be everyone’s favorite thing to do to take a WR at 19, if it ends up being one of those players - many fans would be happy. They could add instant excitement to the Cowboys offense. But can the same be said for the other guys? Both Kirk and Sutton would be fine targets at 50, but not many people think they’ll make it that far. If the Cowboys call one of their names on Day 1, that might not go over very well. Could they be in play to be selected with the team’s first-round pick?

How do you think the Cowboys should approach the draft pertaining to the wide receiver position? Which WR’s would you actually consider at 19? Or should they pass early and look for a good prospect later in the draft? If so, which player do you think makes the most sense?

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